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Sietsema's Picks

Shake Shack’s Black Truffle Burgers Do Justice to the Luxe Ingredient

At Chinatown’s New Banh Mi Co Ut, the Menu Is Filled With Gems

Chito Gvrito Swoops Into Town With an Array of Molten Cheese–Filled Khachapuri

At Last, New York Has Exceptional Fried Pizza

Three Chicken Wing Spots Vie For Poultry Supremacy In a Tiny East Village Stretch

Homey, Stew-Filled Tacos de Guisados Appear at New East Village Taqueria

A New Filipino Restaurant Brings Savory Breakfast Plates and Showy Sisig to the UES

A Ghanaian and Nigerian Cafe Champions Rich Mashes and Sauce Near the UN

Qanoon Serves Lush Homestyle Palestinian Food From a Corner Townhouse in Chelsea

Crop Circle Summons a Flaky, Savory Chinese Street Snack to Greenwich Village

Lhasa Brings an Abundance of Plump, Fried Momos to the East Village

At Clifton’s Incredible Rutt’s Hut, Tailgating Deep-Fried Hot Dogs Is the New Pandemic Ritual

Tradisyon Springs to Life in Hell’s Kitchen With Rousing Filipino Fare

Manhattan’s First Full-Blown Uighur Restaurant Debuts With Skewered Meat and Stuffed Pastries

MasalaWala, Precursor to Hits Adda and Rahi, Serves Enthralling Indian Fare on the Lower East Side

An Exuberant Chinese Restaurant Spotlights Dongbei Cuisine on the Lower East Side