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Eater NY Reviews

It’s Never-Ending Fries and Lines at This $28 TikTok Steakhouse

Joomak’s Sweet-Savory Hits Make It One of NYC’s Top Tastings Under $150

A Bed-Stuy Slice Shop Is Shaking Up Brooklyn’s Pizza Scene With Electric Oxtail Pies

At New York’s Hottest Steakhouse, Order the Cheapest Steaks

Bonnie’s Is a Williamsburg Party Worth Waiting For

Fine Dining in NYC Keeps Getting Pricier, With Sky-High Views. Is It Worth It?

Trailblazing Palestinian Restaurant Tanoreen Is Still a Hit

Sushi on Me Is a Raucous, All-You-Can-Drink, Cash-Only Party

Taqueria Ramirez Is Winning Over Brooklyn With Funky, Blowtorched Tacos

Aldama Is a Modern Mexican Masterpiece Powered by Vegan Mole

Dame Introduces NYC to a Thrilling New Era of British Seafood

188 Cuchifritos Is Still a Stellar Bronx Temple to Pork

Eleven Madison Park Isn’t Ready to Be a World-Class Vegan Restaurant

This Modern Brooklyn Vietnamese Spot Makes a Brilliant Case for Tasting Menus

L’industrie 2.0 Is a Bigger, Better, Yet Still Affordable Slice Shop

Yellow Rose Is NYC’s Must-Hit San Antonio-Style Taco Destination

Krystiana and Dave Rizo score big with their Texas-themed, plant-forward, East Village restaurant and doughnut shop

Fat Choy Brings Chinese Vegan Fare Into a Delicious New Era

Chef Justin Lee stuns with mushroom sloppy joe sandwiches and other vegan delights at his solo debut

The Migrant Kitchen’s Radical Middle Eastern-Latin Menu Centers Social Good

Contra and Wildair Score Big With Chinese-Taiwanese Takeout and Fancy Doughnuts

For All Things Good Rocks Bed-Stuy With (Mostly) Meat-Free Tacos

Thai Diner Is Pure New York Comfort for Our Dumpster Fire of a Year

Bolivian Llama Party’s Sequel Jolts Sunnyside With Modern Andean Fare

Veronika Is a Romantic Ode to the Grand Traditions of Eastern Europe

Stephen Starr’s gilded Gramercy cafe in the newly opened Fotografiska museum showcases Russian dishes rarely represented in New York’s upscale restaurants

Le Bernardin Is Still New York’s Top Seafood Splurge, Even 33 Years Later

New York’s luxury seafood market is more crowded than ever, but Eric Ripert and Maguy Le Coze’s Theater District icon remains essential

Rome’s Culinary Delights Are on Dazzling Display at Williamsburg’s Montesacro Pinseria

Pinsa, the thin and crispy pizza famous in Rome, is the specialty here

Caviar and Champagne Luxury Feels Fresh Again at Two Village Bars

The Riddler and Air’s earn two stars apiece for their accessible bubbly selections and stellar food

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Newly Revamped Gotham Bar Still Feels Like Your Uncle’s Favorite Old Hangout

The Greenwich Village mainstay is seemingly stuck in the past, even with a new menu from chef Victoria Blamey

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  • Review : Rated 3 out of 4 stars

A Breathtaking Treasure Trove of Biryani Cements a Jersey City Newcomer as a Star

Three stars for Biryani Darbar, which offers a stunning lineup of 15 biryanis

Llama San Propels Japanese-Peruvian Cuisine to Essential New York Dining

Chef Erik Ramirez’s Village hot spot beautifully delivers on Nikkei fare, a style rarely seen in New York

‘Wellness’ Facade Aside, the Equinox Hotel Restaurant Serves Destination-Worthy Fare

Electric Lemon’s airy menu dubiously self-identifies as "clean cuisine," but the Stephen Starr restaurant at Hudson Yards manages to impress anyway

NYC’s Buzziest New Sushi Parlors Are Transcendent, If You Can Handle the Bros

Noda and Sushi Noz both execute a pristine, high-end omakase in spite of a clientele that seems insistent on interrupting the zen experience

West Village’s New Tasting Menu Has Big Ideas That Don’t Stick the Landing

Red Paper Clip is busy and filled with promise, but two Blue Hill alum chefs aren’t fulfilling them yet