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This Dominican Brew From the Bronx May Be the Strongest Cup of Coffee in NYC

NYC’s Last-Standing Seltzer Factory Is Bubbling Up Again

How Rockefeller Center Lured Some of NYC’s Top Restaurants to a Midtown Tourist Trap

Could an unlikely bid to draw New Yorkers back to Midtown actually work?

Chef Preston Clark Carves Out His Own Legacy

Sculptural Japanese Parfaits Are Stacking Dessert Menus Across NYC

Spontaneity Is Officially Dead at New York’s Hottest Bars

New York’s Favorite Burger Bun Has Far-Right Ties. Will Restaurants Leave It Behind?

Are Millennial Food Influencers Okay?

Instagram influencers like @foodbabyny and @devourpower won over New Yorkers with photos of noodle pulls and melty grilled cheeses. Now TikTok has them fighting for relevance.

New York Restaurants Can’t Ignore TikTok Anymore

The social media app is upending how new and legacy businesses — from Chinatown to Sheepshead Bay — stand out in the country’s busiest restaurant scene

An Eater Critic’s Night Out With a TikTok Food Influencer

Ryan Sutton comes face-to-face with Lume Cubes, flaming cheese pulls, and the app’s impact on dining out in New York

The Burmese Food Boom Is Here

Chinatown’s Dim Sum Parlors Are Facing an Unprecedented Labor Shortage

We Asked an Actual Shaker What He Thinks of New York’s ‘Shaker Food’ Scene. He Said: ‘Nay.’

Why Is Kellogg’s Diner Selling Food Under 18 Different Names on Delivery Apps?

New Yorkers Are Turning to Dinner Party-Style Restaurants to Make Friends (and Find Dates)

Meet the Brothers Making Nostalgic Handmade Signs for NYC Restaurants and Bars

The End of NYC’s Vaccine Mandate Has Left Restaurants Fending For Themselves

At a Growing Number of NYC Restaurants and Bars, Hospitality Includes Overdose Prevention Kits

Finance Bros Gamed the System for Hot Reservations — Until They Got Caught

NYC Restaurants Blindsided by Skyrocketing Electric Bills

Once-Stodgy Tasting Menus Are Keeping Neighborhood Restaurants Afloat

Tracking the Smoky Rise of Charred, Wood-Fired Food in NYC

New Law Grants NYC Restaurants and Bars Access to Temporary Liquor Licenses

‘What Is the Right Way to Go Forward?’

NYC Restaurants Temporarily Close in Droves Due to COVID-19 Exposures

As concerns around omicron ramp up, at least 12 restaurants have gone dark this week alone

Martabak, a Rare Indonesian Dessert in NYC, Gets the Spotlight in Queens

NYC Bagel Shops Are Getting Creamed by the Cream Cheese Shortage

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Dispatches From an American Epicenter

Two years in the lives of four restaurants trying to hang on after New York City became an early focal point of the coronavirus pandemic: a beloved 24-hour diner, an iconic banquet hall, a young neighborhood restaurant group, and a power-lunch titan

Will 21 Club Return? Its Murky Future Is Splitting Apart the Icon’s Union.

Fifteen-Minute Grocery Delivery Has Arrived. Do We Need It?

New York’s Burgers Are Getting Smaller, and That’s a Good Thing

Thick burgers? In this economy?

Wiggle Around Town With These Colorful Boozy Jelly Cakes

Solid Wiggles’ artistically designed, made-from-scratch jelly cakes are more than just grown-up Jell-O shots