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Tracking the Smoky Rise of Charred, Wood-Fired Food in NYC

New Law Grants NYC Restaurants and Bars Access to Temporary Liquor Licenses

‘What Is the Right Way to Go Forward?’

NYC Restaurants Temporarily Close in Droves Due to COVID-19 Exposures

As concerns around omicron ramp up, at least 12 restaurants have gone dark this week alone

Martabak, a Rare Indonesian Dessert in NYC, Gets the Spotlight in Queens

NYC Bagel Shops Are Getting Creamed by the Cream Cheese Shortage

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Dispatches From an American Epicenter

Two years in the lives of four restaurants trying to hang on after New York City became an early focal point of the coronavirus pandemic: a beloved 24-hour diner, an iconic banquet hall, a young neighborhood restaurant group, and a power-lunch titan

Will 21 Club Return? Its Murky Future Is Splitting Apart the Icon’s Union.

Fifteen-Minute Grocery Delivery Has Arrived. Do We Need It?

New York’s Burgers Are Getting Smaller, and That’s a Good Thing

Thick burgers? In this economy?

Wiggle Around Town With These Colorful Boozy Jelly Cakes

Solid Wiggles’ artistically designed, made-from-scratch jelly cakes are more than just grown-up Jell-O shots

NYC’s Vaccine Requirement Is Now Being Enforced. Are Restaurant Owners Ready?

Yelp Users Flood New Nightclub With One-Star Reviews Alleging Racial Discrimination

NYC Restaurants Left Reeling After Hurricane Ida Slams East Coast

Little Italy Restaurateur Under Fire for Allegedly Underpaying Staff, Ignoring COVID Guidelines

For Restaurants That Can Afford Them, Outdoor Air Conditioners Are the Latest Pandemic Pivot

Dozens of Fleishers Workers Stage Walkout After CEO Removes BLM and Pride Signs

A Record Number of Restaurants Are Opening in New York City. Sort Of.

Sixteen months after the onset of the pandemic, the five boroughs are experiencing a "restaurant renaissance," but opening numbers are still down from 2019

At Buddakan, a Culture of Favoritism and Fear Reportedly Swept Under the Rug

Multiple former servers allege they suffered from a toxic work environment while working at Stephen Starr’s restaurant in the Meatpacking District

The Implosion of NYC’s ‘Restaurant of the Summer’ Was a Year in the Making

Thousands of Dollars of Wine. Twenty-Four Hours to Sell It.

Proof-of-Vaccination Policies Are on the Rise in New York City. They Can Come at a Cost.

NYC’s Upscale Takeout and Delivery Bubble Is Beginning to Burst

Inside the Glorious, TikTok-Fueled Rise of Birria in NYC

How one of the year’s most recognizable Mexican dishes made its way from Tijuana to TikTok and, eventually, to the streets of New York

‘It Is Random and It Is Everywhere’: Business Owners Struggle With Unrelenting Anti-Asian Violence in NYC

NYC Restaurants Weigh Implications of Mandatory Vaccine Requirements

Dozens of NYC Restaurant Workers Saw Drop in Tips After COVID-19 Surcharge, Survey Says

Flour Tortillas Finally Get Their Moment in New York City

A new wave of Mexican and Mexican-American chefs has (finally) brought quality, handmade flour tortillas to New York City

Shake Shack Responds to Criticism Over ‘Korean-Style’ Fried Chicken Menu Debut

Rockaway Residents Voice Opposition to New Vendor Selected for Boardwalk Concessions

Prince Street Pizza Owners Step Down After a Series of Racist Comments Resurface Online

As Dining Out Becomes Increasingly Untenable, NYC Restaurants Start to Hibernate