A Nutella Cafe Is Officially Coming to NYC

Nutella Cafe

That Nutella-centric cafe with dishes dedicated to the beloved hazelnut spread is happening after all. According to a press release from the spread’s parent company Ferrero International S.A., the second-ever location of the Nutella Cafe will open at 116 University Place at 13th Street by the end of the year — a confirmation following reports that it was eyeing the 2,200-square-foot space in Union Square.

Get ready for Nutella-laced cafe treats like cookie sandwiches, crepes, and pastries. There will also be espresso drinks. The world’s first Nutella Cafe opened on May 31, 2017 in Chicago, serving sweet treats and espresso drinks like an affogato drizzled with Nutella as well as non-Nutella savory dishes like paninis and salads for broader appeal.

While there are Nutella counters and fountains in Eataly in Chicago and New York and Toronto has a Nutella cafe within a store, the NYC Nutella Cafe is set to be one of just two standalone Nutella restaurants operated by the brand’s parent company. The Chicago cafe opened to long lines of fans of the wildly popular spread looking to get their hazelnutty goo fix. Buzz has since died down, but apparently it was successful enough for an expansion here. Stay tuned for more updates.


Wait, didn’t they already try this? The American version of Nutella if fake and dumbed down anyway.

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