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NYC Novelty Food

Mission Chinese Is Selling Ice for $8 as ‘Water Pickles’

Fried Chicken-Stuffed Waffle Cones Are Now at Gansevoort Market

Behold the Plague of NYC Unicorn Foods

Soft Serve in Fish-Shaped Cones Is the Newest NYC Sweets Craze

Giant East Village Soup Dumplings Are Already Selling Out Within 15 Minutes

New Yorkers Cannot Resist the Siren Song of Free Normcore Pancakes

Tempura-Fried Pizza Creeps Its Way Back Into the Public Consciousness

Four Facts About Rainbow Doughnuts, the Latest Novelty Food Spin-Off

Rainbow Doughnuts Will Temporarily Distract You From the Ennui of Modern Life in the Big City

Rainbow Bagel Store Buckles Under the Weight of Novelty Food Trend Craze

Even the Enduring Cronut Line Waned Under the Wrath of Juno

Chelsea Coffee Shop Now Serves Cappuccinos in Bell Peppers, Thanks to Italian Coffee Expert

Dominique Ansel to Give Away Cronuts at The Flatiron

Dominique Ansel to Hand Out Free Cronuts Today

After DOH Issue, Cronut Mania Is Back With a Vengeance

The Cronut Line Returns From Winter Hibernation

Dominique Ansel Draws Crowds, Eats Brisket at SXSW

Hybrid Pastry Romeo Gives Roses to Patient Customers

New Yorkers Endure Freezing Cold for Novelty Pastry

Dominique Ansel Announces Cronut Preorder System

Dominique Ansel Auctioning Off Cronut Boxes for Charity

Scenes From Shake Shack's Cronut Hole Concrete Day

Shack Fans and Cronut Enthusiasts Form Monster Line

Triple Breaking: Cronuts Don't Sell Out Every Morning

Shake Shack Cronut Hole Concretes Are the New Cronuts

Cronut Mania: Hacks, Knockoffs, Legal Action, and More

This Morning's Cronut Line Was One for the Record Books

Cronut Sorcerer Dominique Ansel Casts His Spell on Fallon

The Cronut Project Kicks Off Tomorrow

Dominique Ansel to Serve 'Croconuts' Next Month

Cronut Mania: Questlove, Scalpers, the Lottery, Squats

Waiting For Cronuts Is America's Favorite New Pastime