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The Bizarre Cafe Explosion on one Block of Sullivan Street

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A local writes in to report something of a cafe frenzy on Sullivan Street between Houston and Prince. Just a couple of years ago the cafe Once Upon a Tart dominated solo, and in the next month or so, the block will have seven unique cafes: Local, which has become quite popular, new sandwich spot RBBTS, Caffe Soho (the new spot that's going to selling Blue Bottle coffee), 'Snice, Once Upon a Tart, Pepe Rosso, and now a plywood newcomer, Bella Donna Italian cafe. Of course, eventually, the block will become home to Josh Pickard's Cub Room replacement. Not really a bad problem to have, unless, that is, you're a cafe owner. We've mapped the onslaught.

—Reporting by Thomas Garry

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Once Upon a Tart

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Local Café

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Soho Cafe

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Pepe Rosso To Go

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Bella Donna

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