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Soho 8: Brought to you by Town Residential

You already know the Eater 38, Eater's guide to the 38 most essential restaurants in New York and The Heat Map, our constantly updated list of which hot new restaurants just opened. Now welcome our Neighborhood 8's. If you ever need to know where to eat in a certain neighborhood, at a certain time, with a certain kind of meal in mind, look no further. Each Eater 8 will serve as a neighborhood distilled. If you need breakfast, lunch, a drink, a date, a snack to go, a place for the family, it should be contained within the Neighborhood 8. Stay tuned as we launch these guides to every neighborhood in the city, starting with today's map, Soho.

Think we missed a neighborhood essential? Want to share something from your neighborhood? The tipline is always open.

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