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Pepperoni pizza at Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop.
Paulie Gee’s pizza
Alex Staniloff/Eater

40 Cheesy Pizza Parlors Still Slinging Pies in NYC

Where to get slices, squares, and wood-fired pies of all sorts for delivery and takeout in all five boroughs

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Paulie Gee’s pizza
| Alex Staniloff/Eater

Italy may have invented pizza, but no where on Earth has embraced so many styles of this humble dish as New York. Neapolitan pies slung by certified pizzaiolos, grandma squares, dollar slices — this city has them all. Thanks to a wave of ambitious, high-level slice shops in recent years, great pizza has never been more accessible throughout the boroughs.

As with every kind of restaurant, pizzerias of all stripes have suffered under COVID-19. While some have opted to temporarily close out of concern for their staff’s safety, lots of chefs are still manning the ovens. In many ways, pizza is better suited to the current crisis than most foods — the classic New York slice is engineered to be reheated, to travel well, and to provide a comforting, sustaining meal for a few bucks. Some of these pizzerias have been feeding New Yorkers for decades; others are new to the game, but continuing a tradition that stretches back generations. Note that as the shutdown continues, menu items and hours may change on short notice; check the restaurant’s website or Instagram for the latest updates.

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Broadway Pizza & Pasta

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This Kingsbridge neighborhood pizzeria is still offering pizza by-the-slice, including a lasagna one that critic Robert Sietsema digs that features ricotta, sweet sauce, and an herb-scented ground beef. More classic pies are available too, as well as chicken fingers, salads, and hot heroes. [Order delivery or pickup]

A slice on white paper plate with little ponds of tomato sauce on a white cheese background. Robert Sietsema

Arturo's Pizza

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Giant calzones, strombolis, and pies generously heaped with toppings are on the menu at this unpretentious neighborhood spot, which currently offers pickup and delivery daily. An appetizer of Buffalo wings or garlic knots is the ideal way to round out an order. [Delivery]

Koronet Pizza

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Though the Columbia students normally lining up outside until 4 a.m. may be gone, this Morningside Heights stalwart is still slinging its signature oversized pies for takeout and delivery. Bear in mind that Serious Eats estimates that a single jumbo slice here is the equivalent of three-and-a-half normal-sized ones. [Order]

A Koronet jumbo slices hangs over the edges of a plastic tray Robert Sietsema/Eater

Mama's Too!

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Owner and pizzaiolo Frank Tuttolomondo’s critically acclaimed pies benefit from a slow fermentation and carefully selected ingredients. The standout pepperoni pie comes glistening with chile oil and topped with bronzed, bubbly mozzarella. For something less conventional, order the cacio e pepe, which is flecked with cracked black pepper and oozes whipped mascarpone, Parmigiano-Reggiano, aged mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano. [Order]

A square slice of pizza topped with pears Robert Sietsema/Eater

Sal and Carmine Pizza

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An Upper West Side fixture since 1959, this family business has mastered the art of the textbook cheese slice, according to Robert Sietsema. Toppings are available, but with their impeccable blend of “tomato sauce and cheese that merge into a mysterious amalgam,” these pies don’t really need them. [Delivery]

A white plate with a single slice of cheese pizza. Robert Sietsema/Eater

Patsy's Pizzeria

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Patsy’s has been in the pizza game since Pasquale “Patsy” Lanceri set up shop in East Harlem in 1933. It takes all of 90 seconds for the blazing-hot, coal-fired oven to cook pies. Call (212) 534-9783 to order takeaway. 

Patsy’s in East Harlem has a dark exterior with a red neon sign. Nick Solares/Eater


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One of the city’s early Neapolitan-style pizza powerhouses, chef Mathieu Palombino’s venture has expanded over the years to include three locations in New York. All of them are currently offering delivery within a limited radius. The soppressata-topped pie with fresh chiles and fior di latte mozzarella is a must, as are the meatballs. [Order]

An oven with four pizzas cooking inside of it. Motorino [Official Photo]

Williamsburg Pizza

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Williamsburg Pizza’s celebrated grandma pies topped with roni cups, Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh mozzarella, and basil can be ordered from locations all over town. For those running low on household supplies, there’s an option to add a roll of toilet paper or paper towels to an order. [Delivery]

A pepperoni pie from Williamsburg Pizza sits in a cardboard takeout box Jessica Einstein/Williamsburg Pizza

Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery

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In addition to a wide array of cookies, pastries, and cakes, this traditional Italian bakery serves Sicilian squares topped with a generous helping of gooey mozzarella. There’s no delivery, but the bakery is open daily from 6 a.m. and offers pizza for curbside pickup. Call (718) 721-9422 in advance to reserve.

Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery, Astoria
Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery, Astoria
Flickr Photo Pool/Harris Graber

Amore Pizzeria

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This cult favorite Queens slice shop located in a strip mall specializes in extra-thin slices with generous helpings of cheese and sauce. Both takeout and delivery within Flushing, Whitestone, and College Point are available. Call (718) 445-0579 to order. 

Rizzo's Fine Pizza

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First opened in Astoria in 1959, this family-run restaurant hasn’t changed much in the intervening decades. Unlike the puffy, Sicilian slices found at so many other places, Rizzo’s specializes in thin, crunchy squares layered with toppings and plenty of sauce. Orders can be placed online or by calling (718) 721 9862.

Nick Solares

Corner Slice

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Tucked away inside Gotham West Market, Michael Bergemann’s bakery makes exceptional crusts out of freshly ground durum wheat and spelt. Ryan Sutton recommends the “gloriously funky soppressata slice,” though it’s hard to go wrong with the grandma-style tomato pie. [Order]

A white clam slice and a red tomato slice sit on paper plates at Gotham West Market Ryan Sutton/Eater NY

Daro's Pizza & Chicken

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When a craving for fried chicken or pizza strikes, this shop in the heart of Flushing’s Chinatown can satisfy either. Both are solid, but slices like the crispy grandma squares topped with fresh mozzarella and well-seasoned tomato sauce are the real draw. [Delivery]

Daro’s Pizza & Chicken Robert Sietsema

Gino’s Pizzeria

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Established in 1968, this cozy pizzeria right by an Elmhurst bus stop is still serving pies on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from noon until close. Call (718) 672-8515 to order and be sure to bring cash for curbside pickup.

Gino’s Pizza Robert Sietsema

Kesté Pizza & Vino

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Father-daughter pizzaiolo duo Roberto and Giorgia Caporuscio turn out Neapolitan-style pies at both the Bleeker Street and Fulton Street locations. For an extra $4, swap the traditional crust for an impressively crisp gluten-free version. Italian sodas such as Aranciata and Chinotto make for a satisfying non-alcoholic accompaniment. [Delivery]

A Keste pizza dough with tomatoes on it, in front of an oven. Keste [Official Photo]

Joe's Pizza

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Arguably the platonic ideal of the New York slice, Joe’s Pizza is open and running at all five New York locations. The original 1975 location on Carmine Street keeps it classic with a perfectly balanced fusion of cheese and sauce on top a cracker-thin crust. Call (212) 366-1182 for delivery and pickup.

An overhead photograph of a yellow table with a greasy slice of pizza from Joe’s. Gary He/Eater

Paulie Gee's Slice Shop

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Fans of Paul Giannone’s retro Greenpoint parlor can get their Mike’s Hot Honey-and-pepperoni-topped Hellboy slices from the walk-up takeout window on Franklin Street. Highlights include the Freddy Prince, an upside-down Sicilian square with a sesame seed-sprinkled crust. Whole pies are available for delivery on Caviar, though the restaurant notes that they may temporarily turn the service off when slammed on Friday and Saturday nights.

Pepperoni and cheese slices sit on an orange countertop at Paulie Gee’s slice shop, adjacent hot honey sauce and chile flakes Alex Staniloff/Eater

Stromboli Pizza

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The East Village’s oldest slice shop has been fueling boozy adventures since 1976. Normally, the bands and bar-hoppers stick around the corner of St. Mark’s Place until 5 a.m. for cheese slices topped with a slightly sweet tomato sauce. The hefty, ricotta-stuffed calzones are another dependable option. [Delivery]

Diners sit at table beneath the red Stromboil sign. Nick Solares/Eater

Prince St. Pizza

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Rather than waiting in a block-long line for a roni cup-topped, garlic-loaded Spicy Spring slice, customers can now have them delivered for a $10 fee. Pickup is also available at the Soho spot, with no minimum order. Crisp, airy, Sicilian-style squares are what put this place on the map in 2012, and they’re still the go-to order here. [Order]

A square slice of Prince Street pepperoni pizza sits on white paper
[A slice of Prince Street Pizza]
Nick Solares/Eater

Rubirosa Ristorante

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Many chefs have tried to emulate this Nolita institution’s vodka-sauced pizza, but none have ever really surpassed Angelo “AJ” Pappalardo’s creation. Order it “tie-dyed” with a spiral of pesto and add a side of the springy, parm-dusted meatballs. Other favorites like their enormous chicken parmigiano heroes are available as well. [Order]

Lombardi's Pizza

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New York’s oldest coal oven pizzeria is still offering blistered pies for takeout and delivery out of its Spring Street location, though the Chelsea location is closed for the time being. Opt for either the classic margarita or the white pizza, which comes laden with ricotta, mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano drizzled with garlic oil. [Order]

Gloria Pizza

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The thin-crusted grandma-style square is a strong choice at this downtown Forest Hills shop. For something a little more over-the-top, opt for the penne alla vodka pizza — the pasta cloaked in a creamy, prosciutto-studded sauce makes for a surprisingly solid topping. [Delivery]

A square red slice with slab of white cheese and slice of fresh tomato on it. Robert Sietsema

Best Pizza

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Self-proclaimed “pizza man” Frank Pinello has been serving unfussy, technically precise New York slices since 2010. This is one place where less is more and the plain slice, with fresh basil atop a harmonious emulsion of cheese and sauce, needs nothing else. Add a six-pack of beer to whole cheese pie for an extra buck. [Delivery]

Best Pizza Deidre Schoo/Best Pizza [Official Photo]

L'industrie Pizzeria

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Massimo Laveglia’s Williamsburg slice shop owes as much to his native Florence as it does to New York. A slow rise gives the crust a light, airy structure reminiscent of pizza al taglio and toppings include prosciutto, burrata, and fresh ricotta. Order a white pie topped with fig jam, goat cheese, and guanciale for pickup or delivery.

L’Industrie pizza
Diana Hubbell

The kitchen at this southern Italian restaurant dishes out a limited number of pies “alla nonna” each day, and they tend to go fast. For home cooks, there are also DIY pizza-making kits, as well as pounds of house-made fresh pasta and pints of slow-simmered sauces. Wines are available by the bottle at 50 percent off of the usual price. Call (347) 987-4500 for pickup from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday or for bicycle delivery.

Roberta's Pizza & Bakery

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The renowned Bushwick pizzeria is delivering crowdpleasers like the Bee Sting, with sopressata, chile, and honey. There are also pizza kits ready to be assembled and baked, as well as pasta kits with sauces included oxtail ragu. For a special brunch spread, the ample bread and pastry baskets come stuffed with all sorts of flaky, buttery carbs. [Order]

Two slices of pepperoni pizza are arranged on a stainless steel pizza tray beside at a napkin at Roberta’s.
Pizza from Roberta’s.
Daniel Krieger/Eater

Made with a blend of durum flour from Sicily and locally grown whole wheat flour, the sourdough crust here is a show-stopper. It’s good enough to stand on its own with little adornment, making the marinara pie a “close to perfect” order. For something on the more substantial side, try the Pops, with guanciale, mozzarella, onions, and Pecorino Romano. Pickup and delivery are available from 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. [Delivery]

A round pizza on a silver plate. The pizza has charring on the sides and there’s a red sauce in the middle with blobs of white cheese and a scattering of basil leaves. Ryan Sutton/Eater

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

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Coal oven-fired pizzas are available for pickup at this spot by the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo. Call (718) 858-4300 to order in advance and be sure to bring cash. For the first time in the restaurant’s history, Grimaldi’s is also offering delivery.

A pizza with mozzarella and red sauce sits on top of a red-checkered tablecloth, with glasses of wine. Grimaldi’s [Official Photo]

Archie's Bar & Pizza

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Piled high with briny bivalves and garnished with a lemon, the clam pie at this Bushwick neighborhood hangout is one of the better ones in town. The bready crust serves as a sturdy vehicle for plenty of cheese and toppings. While the pizzas are the star here, don’t sleep on the New England hoagies. [Order delivery]

Archie’s Bar pizza Robert Sietsema

Speedy Romeo

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Chef and co-owner Justin Bazdarich churns out slightly singed pies from hardwood-fired ovens in Clinton Hill and the Lower East Side. Both locations are currently offering a limited menu, which includes popular pies such as the four-cheese White Album and the Dangerfield, with pork-veal meatballs, ricotta, and garlic chips on a bechamel base. [Delivery]

Nick Solares

Bar Camillo

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Technically speaking, the house specialty at this newly opened offshoot of Camillo is an ancient Roman flatbread called pinsa. Still, oblong pies like the Felino — topped with tomato sauce, provolone, chile oil, fennel seeds, and spicy salame from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx — would do a pizzaiolo proud. Wine and beer are available, as are liter bottles of house-made mezcal Negronis and boulevardiers. [Order]

Camillo Photo by Amber-Lynn Taber


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In addition to Neapolitan pizzas, this bakery offers beer, cider, and classic cocktails like Negronis and Old Fashioned’s for pickup and delivery. Call (718) 574-0010 to order the latter at no extra charge within Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy, and parts of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights. Caviar delivers to a wider area and includes options like a DIY pizza kit and roast chicken dinner for four. The connected Saraghina Bakery is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., selling bread and a selection of groceries.

Baguettes at Saraghina Bakery, Bedford-Stuyvesant Saraghina Bakery

Opened by Matt and Emily Hyland, this neighborhood joint excels at lightly charred pizzas. Made with dry-aged Pat LaFrieda beef, caramelized onions, molten cheddar, and Zapp’s chips all on a pretzel bun, the signature burger is almost good enough to upstage pies. At the moment, the restaurant’s West Village location is closed, but the Clinton Hill outpost is offering a limited menu for delivery through Caviar

To pick up one of Mark Iacono’s thin-crusted pizzas, call (718) 858-4086 from 1 p.m., and plan to wait in line at a safe social distance. As always, the menu is short, and pies come topped with a signature cheese blend of Grana Padano and both fresh and imported mozzarella.

A man makes pizza at a counter. Lucali [Official Photo]

Pizza Moto

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Originally launched as a roving pizza truck, this brick-and-mortar restaurant makes killer Neapolitan-style pies with toppings like garlicky roasted mushrooms blanketed in three kinds of cheese. Swing by for takeaway after placing an order at (718) 834-6686 or get delivery on Caviar

Sunset Park’s friendly neighborhood pizza joint is run by Pueblans, who dish up old-school slices along with stuffed-crust pies filled with sausage and potatoes. Call (718) 435-2288 seven days a week for pickup or delivery within a limited range. [Order]