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A trout dish.
Restaurant Yuu is one of the new additions to the 2023 Michelin awards in NYC.
Restaurant Yuu

NYC’s 2023 Michelin-Starred Restaurants, Mapped

Where to find the 71 restaurants awarded stars this year

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Restaurant Yuu is one of the new additions to the 2023 Michelin awards in NYC.
| Restaurant Yuu

There are 71-starred restaurants on Michelin’s 2023 guide to New York City. This year, several heavy-weight fine dining establishments kept their starred status, including Eleven Madison Park. Meanwhile, restaurants like Contra and Momofuku Ko, which recently closed, were stripped of their star status, while Oxalis and Al Coro, both closing by the end of the year, retained stars. New additions for 2023 include restaurants like the tough-to-get-into Torrisi Bar and Restaurant in Little Italy, which landed a Michelin star. Here’s where to find this year’s winners.

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Blue Hill At Stone Barns

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Dan Barber’s Westchester farm with a restaurant retained its two stars. Tasting menus run from $348 to $398.

A brick walkway neighbored by trees and lush plants leads into a lengthy brick house
The entrance to Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
Bill Addison/Eater

Essential by Christophe

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Essential by Christophe from Christophe Bellanca now has one star; the tasting menus run from $125 to $215.

Sushi Noz

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This Upper East Side sushi temple has risen to two-star status. The omakase starts at $495.

Chef Nozomu Abe stands behind the sushi bar with a giant live king crab.
Chef Nozomu Abe holding a giant live king crab.
Matt-Taylor Gross/Eater NY


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Jean-Georges Vongerichten's flagship French restaurant maintains its two stars. Tasting menus start at $198 for the vegetarian six-course to $368 for a 10-course chef’s tasting.

Masa Takayama's exorbitant Japanese restaurant has three stars. Tasting menus start at $750 in the dining room and $950 at the counter.

A photo of a smiling Masa Takayama, who is wearing white.
Chef Masa Takayama.

Thomas Keller's restaurant in the Time Warner Center has three stars; the restaurant was revamped over the summer and reopened in September. The tasting menu starts at $390.

Per Se’s kitchen has three lights up top, white brick, and stainless steel counters.
The kitchen at Per Se.
Daniel Krieger/Eater

Daniel Boulud's Upper East Side French restaurant has two stars. Its tasting menu starts at $295.

Chef Daniel Boulud stands with his arms crossed in chef’s whites.
Chef Daniel Boulud in front of his eponymous Upper East Side restaurant.
Daniel Krieger/Eater

Hell’s Kitchen skewer spot Kochi with a $145 tasting menu holds its one star.

Le Bernardin

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Eric Ripert's beloved seafood restaurant maintains three stars. The dining room tasting menu starts at $310, with a la carte available in the lounge.

Le Bernardin’s dining room has a floral arrangement in the middle with white flowers, plus tables with white tablecloths
The dining room at Le Bernardin.
Daniel Krieger/Eater

Sungchul Shim has one-star for this sibling to Kochi with a $145 tasting menu.

Uni lies above tuna in this hand roll, which sits on an ornamental red holder
An uni hand roll.
Erik Bernstein/Eater NY

The Modern

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Danny Meyer's Midtown restaurant with chef Thomas Allan has two stars.


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This Midtown Scandinavian restaurant from chef Emma Bengtsson has two stars for its $175 to $275 tasting menus; this year Bengtsson won the Michelin Mentor Chef Award.

Inside Aquavit, there is a giant potted plant in the foreground, bar stools, wooden floors, and a glass door can be seen in the distance.
Counter seating at Aquavit.

Caviar Russe

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This Midtown East fine dining restaurant has one star for its 10th year in a row. The tasting menu starts at $195, with a la carte options available in the lounge.

An egg with caviar.
The golden egg at Caviar Russe.
Three Story Media Ltd./Caviar Russe.

Le Jardinier

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Joël Robuchon protégé Alain Verzeroli’s vegetable-forward Midtown restaurant retains one star.

The dining room at Le Jardinier, outfitted with granite countertop tables and tan furniture.
The dining room at Le Jardinier.
Alex Staniloff/Eater

Gabriel Kreuther

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Gabriel Kreuther's eponymous Midtown restaurant maintains two stars. Tasting menus run from $165 to $265.

Gabriel Kreuther stands in front of a sign that says the name of his restaurant.
Gabriel Kreuther stands in front of his eponymous Midtown restaurant.

The subterranean omakase spot that starts at $375 from Daniel Boulud and George Ruan now has one star. There’s takeout a la carte, too.

Le Pavillon

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Daniel Boulud, Michael Balboni, and Will Nacev earn one star for this ambitious menu at the One Vanderbilt address.

Sushi Amane

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Midtown East sushi parlor Sushi Amane has one star. Dinner is $250 per person, not including tax and gratuity.

Sushi Amane’s sushi bar counter has yellow wood, with a chef wearing white standing in the middle.
The sushi counter at Sushi Amane.
Sushi Amane

Sushi Yasuda

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This sushi favorite has one star. Omakase runs roughly $150 to $250 per person. Gratuities are now accepted here, following a longtime service-included policy.

Tempura Matsui

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This pricey Japanese tempura spot retained its one-star rating. Dinner is $280 per person. A shorter lunch menu is $160.

Tempura Matsui’s dining room has booths in the back and a bar up front
Booth seating in Tempura Matsui’s dining room.

Joomak Banjum

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Chef Jiho Kim earned one star for his tasting menu, which starts at $185 per person, and four-course dinner menu at $95

This intimate Korean fine-dining restaurant from Ellia Park and Junghyun Park keeps its two stars. Dinner is $395 per person at the chef’s counter.

The downstairs dining room and curved granite bar at Atomix during dinner service.
The downstairs dining room at Atomix.
Louise Palmberg/Eater

Chef Junichi Matsuzaki steps into the spotlight at Noz 17, earning one star for a 30-course tasting menu at a seven-seat sushi counter, an experience that starts at $435 before drinks and tip.

This Korean tasting menu for $185 — now with one star — is tucked in the back of Hooni Kim’s Little Banchan Shop, a Queens provisions store.

Al Coro

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Despite the restaurant announcing that it would be shutting down at the end of 2023, Melissa Rodriguez maintains two stars for the Jeff Katz-backed project (Crown Shy, Saga) in the former Del Posto space.

Eleven Madison Park

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Daniel Humm’s Madison Square Park restaurant held onto its three stars for its vegan tasting menu that starts at $285.

A high-ceilinged, elegant dining room with a blue painting hanging in the back.
The high-ceilinged dining room at Eleven Madison Park.
Gary He/Eater

Cote Korean Steakhouse

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The Korean steakhouse from owner Simon Kim and chef David Shim retains one star. A la carte caviar and wagyu cuts are also available.

The dark interior of Cote’s dining room showing its cook-it-yourself table grills.
Tabletop grills and booth seating at Cote.
Gary He/Eater

Chef Shigeyuki Tsunoda’s one-star restaurant features a twice-nightly 20-course omakase at the sushi counter.

This kaiseki stunner in Flatiron rises to two-star status. A dinner menu is priced at $245 per person for dinner and $135 for lunch.

Chef Hoyoung Kim’s wood-fired Korean restaurant with a tasting menu has one star.

An order piece of sliced duck is arranged on a granite plate in a low-lit photograph.
The sliced duck course at Jua.
Dan Ahn/Jua

Oiji Mi

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Chef Brian Kim has maintained its one star for his $145 prix-fixe restaurant (a la carte is also available).

A tasting-menu restaurant from chef Brian Kim and the Oiji Mi team now has one star for its $325 tasting menu.


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Stefano Secchi’s wildly popular Italian restaurant now has one star. A la carte pastas are available.

Uovo pasta, cappelletti, tagliolini al ragu sit on elegant blue and white plates at Rezdora.
An assortment of pastas at Rezdôra.
Alex Staniloff/Eater NY

Gramercy Tavern

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Restaurateur Danny Meyer and chef Michael Anthony's perennial favorite has one star.

The bar and dining room inside a dimly lit restaurant.
The barroom and dining room at Gramercy Tavern.
Daniel Krieger/Eater

Chef Yoshihiko Kousaka, a Jewel Bako vet, helms this sushi spot with one star with a $225 tasting menu at a table and $250 at the bar.

One star for the Unapologetic Foods crew, whose compelling regional Southern Indian.

A red clay dish filled with snail shells and plated with nathai pirattal on a patterned tile background.
A dish at Semma.
Molly Tavoletti/Eater NY

Casa Mono

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This Gramercy Spanish restaurant continues with its one star.

A countertop with wine glasses and a plant vase at Casa Mono.
The bar top at Casa Mono.
Casa Mono


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Eyal Shani (also behind Port Sai’id and several Miznon locations in New York) was awarded one start this year for Shmoné.

This one-star 14-seat counter from Brazilian chef Franco Sampogna and Portuguese restaurateur Bernardo Silva is tucked behind an art gallery.

Red Paper Clip

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The one-star restaurant in which Himalayan and Chinese flavors intersect with French technique features a la carte options.

Jeju Noodle Bar

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The city’s first noodle shop dedicated to Korean ramyun, from chef Douglas Kim, keeps its one star.

Slices of pork belly float atop a bowl of ramyun at Jeju Noodle Bar.
Slices of pork belly float atop a bowl of ramyun.
Gary He/Eater

Family Meal at Blue Hill

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Dan Barber's farm-to-table restaurant off Washington Square Park has one star.

A grey dining room with white table-clothed tables.
The white tablecloth dining room at Blue Hill.
Daniel Krieger/Eater

Sushi Nakazawa

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Famed Jiro trainee Daisuke Nakazawa is behind the counter at this West Village sushi restaurant with one star. Omakase sushi is $150 in the dining room, or $180 at the bar.


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Breezy Mexican restaurant Oxomoco in Greenpoint keeps its one star. Expect beef tartare tostadas, lamb barbacoa tacos, and sweet potato tlayudas.

The white and plant-filled restaurant dining room at Oxomoco.
The plant-filled dining room at Oxomoco.
Alex Staniloff/Eater


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East Village kaiseki spot Tsukimi earns one star. Dinner is $265 per person.

The dining room at Tsukimi, outfitted with mirrors, custom hanging light fixtures, and wooden table seating.
The dining room at Tsukimi.


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Tadashi Yoshida’s one-star restaurant is named for the town in Japan where his father, Tomoo Yoshida, was born. The 20-course meal starts at $500 per person.

Chef Shaun Hergatt’s Soho seafood spot earns one star. Dinner might involve sushi rice with trout roe, tuna toast, hamachi crudo, or gnocchi with white prawns.

Four fish-shaped biscuits sit on a dark, charcoal-colored plate.
Fish-shaped biscuits at Vestry.

One-star Torien features 13 courses on a menu that focus on every part of a chicken, plus vegetables, starting at $185 per person.

Ignacio Mattos’ eclectic small plates restaurant keeps its one star. Almost all the classics remain here, including beef tartare with sunchokes, fried black rice with squid, and ricotta dumplings with mushrooms and Pecorino sardo.

Diners crowd along the long marble countertop in Estela’s dining room.
The long marble countertop at Estela.
Daniel Krieger/Eater


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This Japanese restaurant sticks on the list with one star. The omakase is $195 per person.


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Major Food Group lands one star for its little Italy Italian homage to New York, with Rich Torrisi at the helm.