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NYC Labor News

She Wolf Bakery Workers Win Union Vote Following Controversy

She Wolf Bakery Is Unionizing

Employees of Death & Co, an Award-Winning Bar, Are Unionizing

City Sanitation Shuts Down Food Vendors in Queens

Restaurant Workers at Rockefeller Center’s Lodi Are Unionizing

Eleven Madison Park Reportedly Dropped Plans to Pay Staff More After Scathing Review

Everything to Know About How the $2 Trillion Stimulus Helps (and Fails) Restaurants

NYC hospitality workers will earn their full salary while out of work, but loans to restaurants carry tight strings

How NYC Restaurant Workers Are Getting Help So Far

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Registering for Unemployment Is Nearly Impossible Right Now, Restaurant Workers Say

Union Square Hospitality Modifies Controversial New Staff Contract After Protest Rumors

New York Raises Wages for Tipped Workers — But Leaves Restaurants Out

Delivery Workers Stage Protest Against Brooklyn Thai Restaurant for Alleged Stolen Wages

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Restaurateurs Are Scrambling to Cut Service and Raise Prices After Minimum Wage Hike

Some companies are looking to nix more than half a million dollars from costs in order to budget

Dinner for 2 at Eleven Madison Park Now Reaches $1,100

New Study Shows NY Restaurant Jobs Increase Despite Tipped Minimum Wage Hike

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Restaurants Should Not Be Allowed to Add Surcharges to Checks

The industry is asking for the right to add an extra fee, but it would be bad for diners

Restaurant Workers Are Left Behind in New York’s New Paid Parental Leave Program

Danny Meyer Admits Large Portion of Staff Left Over No-Tipping Changes

Per Se and Eleven Madison Park Both Hike Their Prices in the New Year

The Creative, Risky Way Jeju Is Adapting to Higher Costs

Jeju Noodle Bar lets its cooks receive tips

Danny Meyer’s Servers Claim They’re Paid Less After No Tipping, Report Says

Danny Meyer Painted as No-Tipping Conspiracy Ringleader in New Lawsuit

Le Perigord Shutters After 53 Years to De-Unionize

Xi’an Famous Foods Raises Prices 15 Percent, Citing Labor Costs

New York’s Proposed Overtime Overhaul Would Give Restaurant Workers Hefty Raises

Indian Hot Spot Babu Ji Slapped With Yet Another Wage Lawsuit

Singing Servers of Ellen’s Stardust Diner Form a Union

Four Seasons Staffers Consider Strike Ahead of Big Farewell

New York Was Wrong to Exclude Tipped Workers From Full $15 Minimum

NYS Restaurant Association Urges Cuomo Not to Raise Wages for Five Years

National Restaurant Association Is Fighting the Minimum Wage Law in Court

The $15 Fast Food Minimum Wage Decision is Legal, State Board Says After Industry Appeal