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Ask Eater

Where Can I Go on a Friday Night With a Large Group — Without a Reservation?

What’s the Best Croissant in New York? We Tried 25 to Find Out.

Ask the Critics: What’s the Best Sushi in NYC?

Ask the Critics: What’s the Best Steakhouse in NYC?

Where Can I Have Breakfast for Dinner When Time Starts to Feel Like a Flat Circle?

Seeking Cake in Queens

Where Can I Find a Pool That Costs Less Than My Monthly AC Bill?

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Where Can I Get a Special Cake for My Birthday in Quarantine?

Where Can I Take My Kids to Watch Pizza Being Made?

Where Can I Take My Mom for Her First Tasting Menu for a 60th Birthday Treat?

What’s a Fancy Place to Take My Absolutely Non-Adventurous Parents for an Anniversary?

Where Can a Baby Boomer Enjoy a Quiet Yet Quintessentially NYC Dinner?

What’s a Relaxing But Still Exciting Restaurant for a Hangry Tourist in New York?

Where Can I Host a Party of 35 for Dinner That Won’t Bankrupt Me?

What’s a Good Restaurant to Confront My BFF About Sleeping With My Crush?

Where Can Bad Bitches on Vacay Dine ‘Sex and the City’-Style?

Where Can a Mom Take Her Restaurant-Loving Daughter for a Memorable NYC Meal?

Where Can I Eat on Whole30 Without Feeling Totally Deprived?

Where Can I Watch Football Without Feeling Like a Total Sports Bro?

What’s a Midtown Bar That Won’t Suck My Soul of All Joy?

Where Can I Dine Alone and Not Feel Like a Loser?

Where Can I Dine With an Ex That Screams ‘We Will Not Bang’?

Where Can I Take My Girlfriend for Her Birthday to Make Me a Hero?

What’s a Mega-Ritzy Restaurant to Celebrate on My Boss’s Dime?

Where Can My Cousins and I Get Back to Our Roots Over Tapas?

Where Can I Take My Parents to Meet My Boyfriend?

What’s a Luxe Restaurant That Will Satisfy a Pork Lover and a Kosher Diner?

What’s a Place in NYC to Relive My Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Dreams?

What’s a Spot With Fancy Food and Stellar Views for a Huge Party?

What’s a Restaurant Guaranteed to Impress My Fashion Industry Boss?

What’s a Fun But Affordable Restaurant For a Big Group?

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Where Can Just Us Girls Brunch to Celebrate a Breakup?