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Dispatches From the Epicenter

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Dispatches From an American Epicenter

Two years in the lives of four restaurants trying to hang on after New York City became an early focal point of the coronavirus pandemic: a beloved 24-hour diner, an iconic banquet hall, a young neighborhood restaurant group, and a power-lunch titan

Manhattan’s Largest Chinese Restaurant Has Reopened For Indoor Dining. Will That Save It?

Legendary 25,000-square-foot dim sum spot Jing Fong reckons with its future amid the pandemic

High-End NYC Restaurants Install Pricey Tech In the Hopes of Bringing Diners Back Indoors

NYC Restaurant Workers Pushed to Food Pantries and Homelessness While Jobs Remain Scarce

Michelin Inspectors Are Quietly Making their Rounds in NYC, Despite the Indoor Dining Ban

What Do Grand Central Terminal Restaurants Look Like Now?

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What It’s Like to Work in an NYC Restaurant During the Pandemic, According to Staffers

While some are eager to return to work, most say they feel trapped in a Catch-22 situation about their return

Enterprising NYC Restaurateurs Stretch the Limits on Outdoor Dining

NYC Restaurants Scramble to Prepare for Today’s Return of Outdoor Dining

After months of struggling, restaurants are amped to add tables — even with challenges like narrow sidewalks and the potential for just small bumps in revenue

What Michelin-Starred Dining Looks Like During Coronavirus

During the pandemic, fine dining restaurants have been forced to ditch many of the elements that usually label their food as "upscale." So when forced to do takeout, what does the food look like now? Photographer Gary He takes a look.

Inside Peter Luger’s First Bid to Modernize, a Pandemic Survival Tactic

The famously old-school, nearly 133-year-old Williamsburg steakhouse has had to make significant changes due to the coronavirus-related lockdown. Here’s a look at how it’s going.

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The Final Day of Gem Spa, an East Village Icon from a Bygone Era

The corner store has been around since the 1920s, but after a tumultuous year, Gem Spa has closed for good due to the pandemic. Here are photos as the owner clears out.

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Inside Masa’s $800 Takeout Sushi Box

The country’s most expensive restaurant is now offering delivery. Here’s what it looks like.

How Street Vendors Are Still Serving NYC’s Food Swamps During the Pandemic

In neighborhoods like East New York and Corona, produce vendors are still showing up for work despite risks and plummeting sales

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How NYC’s Most Important Food Hub Is Still Keeping the City Fed

A look inside Hunts Point, where meat, seafood, and produce companies are working in shifts and pivoting to survive the COVID-19 crisis

One Month Into the Shutdown, Restaurants Are Boarding Up Their Windows

Some restaurateurs are covering big windows with plywood, saying it’s a precautionary measure when not visiting the spaces regularly

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Meet the Front-Line Workers of NYC’s Food Supply Chain

Here are the people hustling to continue feeding New Yorkers, starting from the raw ingredients to the final dish

Why NYC’s Undocumented Restaurant Workers Are the Forgotten Victims of the Shutdown

Despite being a critical part of the hospitality industry, undocumented immigrants face a reality with little help from the government — or their employers

NYC’s First Week of Dining Under Shutdown, In Photos

After the ban on dining in went into place, NYC’s restaurants and bars are looking at new ways to adapt to the changing landscape

New Yorkers Are Overcrowding Carbone’s Sidewalk, Forcing Police Action

The famously exclusive red-sauce restaurant started offering delivery last week in response to new COVID-19 measures, and the demand has been overwhelming — with one customer waiting more than an hour for takeout

The Latest Craft Product From Brooklyn Distilleries: Artisanal Hand Sanitizer

One of the NYC Restaurant World’s Most Devastating Weeks, in Photos

Since Friday, March 13, New York’s previously thriving restaurant and bar landscape has completely changed due to measures in response to COVID-19

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Inside the Rowdy, Crowded Final Night of Gotham Bar and Grill

Despite official guidance to limit large gatherings, the last night of the legendary fine dining restaurant brought out dozens of regulars, who sat elbow-to-elbow