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Is It Still Good?

Eater NY revisits long-established restaurants that have acquired towering reputations and still generate plenty of traffic to find out if the food quality justifies our continued admiration.

Lucien, a Bistro Favorite With the Art Crowd, Is More Than Just a Scene

A Battle of the Baked Clams Yields a Clear Winner in Queens

A Dongbei Classic From Flushing Is Reborn in a New Neighborhood

The Italian American Classic You’ve Never Heard Of

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5 Dishes to Try at the Reopened Great NY Noodletown

Buka Resurfaces in Bedford-Stuyvesant With Fufu, Stews, and a Backyard

Ipanema Moves Out of Little Brazil and Modernizes Its Menu

One of New York’s Oldest Taiwanese Restaurants Remains One of Its Best

Italian Stalwart Ferdinando’s Focacceria Is a Nostalgic Nod to Sicily

Marea Is Still One of the City’s Top Italian Spots — Even With $42 Bowls of Pasta

50 Years In, One of Jersey City’s Last Remaining Red-Sauce Joints Is Still a Must-Visit

I Sodi’s Love Letter to Tuscany Is Still Going Strong After All These Years

A Brooklyn Stalwart Reappears in NYC’s Shifting Vietnamese Food Scene