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Is It Still Good?

Eater NY revisits long-established restaurants that have acquired towering reputations and still generate plenty of traffic to find out if the food quality justifies our continued admiration.

5 Dishes to Try at the Reopened Great NY Noodletown

Buka Resurfaces in Bedford-Stuyvesant With Fufu, Stews, and a Backyard

Ipanema Moves Out of Little Brazil and Modernizes Its Menu

One of New York’s Oldest Taiwanese Restaurants Remains One of Its Best

Italian Stalwart Ferdinando’s Focacceria Is a Nostalgic Nod to Sicily

Marea Is Still One of the City’s Top Italian Spots — Even With $42 Bowls of Pasta

50 Years In, One of Jersey City’s Last Remaining Red-Sauce Joints Is Still a Must-Visit

I Sodi’s Love Letter to Tuscany Is Still Going Strong After All These Years

A Brooklyn Stalwart Reappears in NYC’s Shifting Vietnamese Food Scene

After 16 Years, Quaint West Village Bistro Little Owl Still Slings an Epic Pork Chop

Nearly 20 Years Later, Casa Mono Is Still Setting the Bar for Tapas in NYC

Bangers and Mash Are Still Bangin’ at Tea & Sympathy

Homey Red Sauce and Italian Ices Still Stand Out in an Ever-Changing Part of Queens

Venerable NYC Celebrity Hangout Il Cantinori, Revisited

Few Old-School French Bistros Remain in Greenwich Village but Bar Six Is Still Worth the Visit

Joe’s Shanghai’s New Restaurant Is Paving the Way for Chinatown’s Post-Pandemic Revival