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Inside a dark lair for drinking.
Inside Sip & Guzzle.
Sasha Arutyunova/Sip & Guzzle

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A Big-Deal Bar From Tokyo Opens a Greenwich Village Sibling

Sip & Guzzle is a project from alums of Angel’s Share, Employees Only, and Alinea

Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

Sip & Guzzle opens on January 19 by way of alums from Angel’s Share, Employees Only, and Alinea in Chicago. And while it’s a take on the Tokyo cocktail destination called the SG Club, the new spot is two-destinations-in-one, much like Italian import, Roscioli, Filipino Naks from Unapologetic Foods; or Corima from a Contra alum, the latter two of which have opened this season.

Sip & Guzzle will open at 29 Cornelia Street, near Bleecker Street, in what had been Cornelia Street Cafe that closed in 2018. Steering Sip on the lower level, there’s Shingo Gokan: Before opening eight bars across Japan and China, Gokan had been the bar director for a decade at Manhattan’s Angel’s Share, which debuted in 1993, shuttered, then reopened in July in the West Village.

Three portraits, Warhol-style across a dark dining room.
Inside Guzzle.
Sasha Arutyunova/Sip & Guzzle

Alum of Employees Only, Steve Schneider helms the upper level, Guzzle, offering classics and more familiar cocktails. Here, Schneider marks his return to New York, after running Employees Only Singapore since 2016. The Gokan-Schneider partnership has been long in the making, having opened in 2018 in Shanghai, with the bar, the Odd Couple.

A delicate cocktail with a lemony egg white garnish.
The Wax On cocktail.
Eric Medsker/Sip & Guzzle
Porn star mojito
Eric Medsker/Sip & Guzzle

In the kitchen serving swanky izakaya fare and Japanese street food, there’s Mike Bagale, former executive chef of three-Michelin-starred Alinea in Chicago. Bagale says of the Sip & Guzzle food menu, he’s “celebrating traditional izakaya-style cuisine that was born in Japan’s casual local bars by using old and new techniques.” There are two food menus: the lower level with higher-end ingredients and the upper level izakaya.

Sip reads like a naval ship during the era known as Edo, referencing the Kanrin Maru and its 1860s voyage to the U.S. The room is defined by distressed oak, concrete, and Japanese art works. Behind the bar, customers will find Ben Yabrow, formerly of Double Chicken Please. The cocktail menu emphasizes creativity in drinks that run $21 to $30 or so. They include the Wax On, with shochu, coconut yogurt, fig leaf, and Japanese wax; or a whisky nigiri with Japanese whisky, sushi vinegar, sake, and wasabi. Bagale’s downstairs menu lists dinner items from $14 to a pricey $165, such as the Royale With Cheese — A5 wagyu with bread from Ginza Nishikawa in LA. ($150). There are caviar add-ons options for $5 a gram, minimum ten grams.

A set for uni hand rolls.
Uni hand rolls at Sip & Guzzle.
Sasha Arutyunova/Sip & Guzzle
The Royale With Cheese — Wagyu beef sandwich.
The Royale With Cheese.
Sasha Arutyunova/Sip & Guzzle
Chicken with lime in a dramatic dark portrait.
Electric chicken.
Sasha Arutyunova/Sip & Guzzle

Upstairs at Guzzle, it’s a New York saloon from the same era, with old brick and millwork accents, and pop art on the walls, with images like a kimono-clad David Bowie smoking a cigarette. The opening menu lists a collection of favorites from the Tokyo location, comfort drinks, no-frills classics, ice-cold highballs, and NA cocktails. Look for items like the Apple Manhattan with bacon-infused rye whiskey, a blend of Applejack and other liqueurs, as well as a a Sherry Colada Highball, with cream sherry and coconut-pineapple seltzer ($17). For food upstairs, there’s Electric Chicken ($28), sashimi, and mochi fries with nacho powder. The team is also working on a late-night menu that will be available on both levels, with dishes to be announced.

Sip & Guzzle was designed by Tokyo-based Atsuhiko Sugiyama, of the Whole Design, who has consulted on all of Gokan’s bar projects, along with New York-based Hiromi Akai, behind Nobu restaurants, Moxy hotels, and more.

Sip & Guzzle is open Tuesday through Sunday, with Guzzle opening at 4 p.m. and Sip at 6 p.m. They accept a limited number of reservations, with walk-ins encouraged.

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