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After All the Drama, Delmonico’s Is Finally Reopening

Plus, an Astoria comfort food spot is open after years of delays — and more intel

The dining room at Delmonico’s.
The ownership rights to Delmonico’s name have been at the center of a legal battle between two families. One team is nevertheless reopening the space.

One of Manhattan’s oldest restaurants, Delmonico’s, open since 1837, has been closed since the start of the pandemic. This winter, it was announced that it would be reopening this fall, igniting a ferocious battle and lawsuits, between two families over rights to the Delmonico’s name, with one family at the time claiming on the Delmonico’s Instagram that the relaunch was a shady power grab. Whether or not you see the new iteration as a Delmonico’s dupe, Dennis Turcinovic, also an owner of the clubstaurant Sei Less, and Joseph Licul, have won the lease to the Beaver Street space, along with a liquor license approval, that was on hold indefinitely during the drama. An opening date has been set for September, but meanwhile, reservations have opened for the restaurant. The menu, led by chef Edward J. Hong, features sea urchin and abalone risotto, baked Alaska, and, of course, steak. The historic space has had a design overhaul of sorts.

Another ceviche spot is headed to the East Village

Dora’s, a restaurant serving “ceviche fusion cuisine,” is headed for 40 Avenue B, near East Third Street, according to EV Grieve. Meanwhile, nearby, Don’s Ceviche, at 57 First Avenue, and an Essex Market vendor, is inching closer to opening a standalone restaurant.

An Astoria comfort food spot is open after years of delays

Foodstruck (like starstruck) was originally a small counter-service restaurant on 35th Street in Astoria, that closed in 2020. Since, then owner Ravi Thapa has been stuck in bureaucratic limbo, rebuilding a bigger space with seating nearby, in a new home at 3093 38th Street, at 31st Avenue. As of the end of June, the restaurant finally debuted. The menu lists beef patties on a bed of rice, mushroom sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, poutine, chopped cheese, and regular specials like a sisig sandwich. Thapa says brunch will launch in August, and a tasting menu dinner is set for September.

New York is investigating Logan Paul’s drink company

If you don’t know who Logan Paul is, you’re not alone. But on some corners of the Internet (namely, YouTube, where he has 23 million subscribers) he has clout, controversies, and a beverage brand with a following. Now, as Eater’s Jaya Saxena reported earlier this week, New York Senator Chuck Schumer is asking the FDA to investigate Paul’s beverage company, Prime “for its overall claims, its marketing and the caffeine content, and to seriously consider Prime’s target market of children as part of any investigation.” In an Instagram story, Paul claimed the beverage was not intended for persons below the age of 18.