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This Woman Has Been Cooking a Stew for Weeks And Is Inviting New Yorkers to Join

Plus, Cafe Loup’s replacement is opening this weekend — and more intel

A crock pot with soup.
Annie Rauwerda’s Perpetual Stew series has been about making friends as much as serving food.

Annie Rauwerda, known for her Instagram Depths of Wikipedia, featuring obscure Wikipedia facts, has been cooking the same stew since June 9, as a way to meet new people. Spreading the message on TikTok (a recent video had nearly 60K views), she’s been inviting people to meet up at Bushwick’s Fermi Playground, to bring ingredients to add (no meat is permitted), while getting a ladle of broth themselves. The idea of an ongoing stew Rauwerda admits is ancient. In fact, pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz recently galvanized her thousands of fans with excitement when she posted on her page about what she calls her “soup mother,” a concept that has resurfaced in some form or another in food media every couple of years. This new series called Perpetual Stew, which has its own website, where soups are documented, will come to an end when Rauwerda calls it sometime in the coming weeks — she’s already made t-shirts for the finale and hopes to have a dunk tank. In the meantime, find her every Sunday at 7 p.m. (or “stew o’clock,” as she says). Those interested can RSVP online, or just show up.

Cafe Loup’s replacement is opening this weekend

As Eater previously reported, Michael Cecchi-Azzolina, author of Your Table Is Ready: Tales of a New York City Maître D’, is behind Cecchi’s. Located at 105 W. 13th Street, near Sixth Avenue, in Manhattan, the American bistro, hoping to evoke the same spirit of literary scene favorite Cafe Loup, is slated for a July 1 opening.

Per Se is undergoing renovations

Three Michelin-starred Per Se is extending its regular summer break for an unusual extra couple weeks, while it adds “new design flourishes to our kitchen, dining room and salon.” A reopening date has been set for the end of September, according to its Instagram post.

11 Howard now has a new restaurant

The Soho hotel that also houses Le Coucou now has a neighboring restaurant at the property called La Rubia. The menu is spearheaded by Lucas Harrell, who worked at Francie and the Musket Room, and looks to his Latin American heritage as a reference, including his grandmother’s recipe for flan, according to the New York Times.