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The Team Behind the Speakeasy Above Five Guys Is Opening a Sports Bar

Plus, NY is the first state to ban gas stoves — and more intel

Rocco’s Sports & Recreation is opening in Noho this May.
Rocco’s Sports & Recreation is opening in Noho this May.

The team behind West Village party restaurant Bandits, and the speakeasy above a Greenwich Village Five Guys, the Garret, is now turning its attention to aestheticizing the sports bar. While plenty of sports fans will always prefer to watch the game in a dive, the new spot in the works, called Rocco’s Sports & Recreation, will feature “cheeky, vintage-inspired decor and clever takes on nostalgic game day eats and drinks,” per a representative. Snacks include chargrilled barbecue oysters with five spice and pickles, merguez sausage pigs in a blanket, and dips like a vegan Buffalo chicken dip, as well as porterhouse for two with nori butter. For dessert, expect something called a “Football Helmet Sundae” with salted caramel, strawberry jam, coconut, pralines, and black lime syrup. Get ready for skeeball as well as an outdoor setup later this season. Rocco’s is headed for 1 W. Third Street, near Broadway, and is set for its opening day on Friday, May 19.

New York has banned gas stoves, after all

As part of the 2024 budget, lawmakers approved a ban on gas stoves in new building construction on Tuesday — the first state to do so in America. The ban does not affect those who currently have gas stoves, but as Bon Appétit writes, it has the power to shape how we cook at home. As Eater previously reported, gas stoves in restaurants in New York, though, are likely to remain, at least for now.

Battery Park’s lunch options have leveled up for the season

Pixie Scout Canteen, run by the team behind Pixie Scout catering in Crown Heights, has returned for a third season at Battery Park. Pixie Scout Canteen is split between two kiosks, one at the carousel (daily 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), and the other at the park’s fountain (Friday through Sunday, noon until sundown). Expect coffee, pastries, breakfast burritos, soft pretzels with apple mustard, and more. There are plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options to be found and menus are listed online.

Pupusas are coming back to Red Hook

Also back for the season is El Olomega Pupusas, which has been serving Salvdoran-style pupusas since 1990. The food stand’s first day for the season will be May 6. Find El Olomega Pupusas on weekends, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Bay Street, between Clinton and Court streets, alongside other Latin American food trucks.