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A Barbie-Themed Pop-Up Restaurant Is Coming to NYC

Plus, a funky new Elmhurst bar is now open — and more intel

A Barbie-themed cafe will open in NYC this May.
A Barbie-themed cafe will open in NYC this May.
Malibu Barbie Cafe

Ahead of the Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie movie out this May, and on the heels of the trailer drop this week, a Barbie-themed, limited-run restaurant is headed for New York. A Malibu Barbie Cafe is opening this May, in collaboration with Master Chef semi-finalist Becky Brown. Starting April 19, those interested in attending can join the waitlist to get a notification of ticket sales. The menu will emphasize “all day brunch, friendly fare, delicious desserts, and a variety of drinks,” per a representative.

Is third time’s the charm for this Elmhurst restaurant?

In 2022, Thai restaurant Lamoon flipped to become Jai Sang Ma, a skewer spot. As of Sunday, the restaurant relaunched again, as Jai Sang Ma 2.0. Walk inside a still shuttered bright yellow storefront, cross over a step bridge, and enter late-night Thai bar plastered with 1980s childhood souvenirs — a cassette tape exhibit, tiny square analog TVs playing old talk shows, a colorful wall of candy tin boxes. The 13-item menu comprises drinking foods like grilled flank steak strips for dipping into spicy tamarind or green seafood sauces. There’s also sliced pork tongue and a snappy, fried sausage. Owner Jugkrwut “Jay” Borin, who’s also behind Mao Mao in Bushwick, plans to open with noodle soup lunch service and tasting menu dinners in the coming months. — Caroline Shin, contributor

NJ may soon outlaw plastic takeout utensils

A new bill introduced in the state last month, is proposing that restaurants be forbidden from defaulting to add plastic utensils to takeout orders unless upon customer request. The first fine would be $1000, and upwards to $5000 from there, according to the New York Post.

A dinner with a side of psychic advice

Connolly’s Corner, a restaurant in Maspeth, Queens, has been hosting Thursday psychic nights. For $85 a person, a three-course meal comes with a psychic reading, according to the Queens Ledger.