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A Contra Alum Is Turning His Pop-Up Into a Mexican Restaurant

Plus, 99 cent slices are back at 99 Cent Pizza — and more intel

Corima is opening on Allen Street.
Corima is opening on Allen Street.

Corima, a “progressive Mexican cuisine” pop-up, has signed the lease on a permanent location. Fidel Caballero and his wife, Sofia Ostos, are opening the restaurant at 3 Allen Street, near Canal Street, in Chinatown. Caballero is an alum of three-Michelin-starred Martín Berasategui in Spain, was the sous chef at the one-Michelin-starred Contra, and later worked at the team’s Peoples wine bar. With Corima, he’s done pop-ups at Rhodora in Fort Greene, Place de Fetes in Clinton Hill, Cool World in Greenpoint, and Winner in Park Slope. Now, Caballero will return to Manhattan for the restaurant the team says is eyeing a fall 2023 opening.

99 cent pizza is restored at 99 Cent Pizza

While 2 Bros. Pizza announced it would be increasing its dollar slice to $1.50 this week, the neighborhood’s 99 Cent Pizza is dropping its price after a hike in 2022, when 99 Cent Pizza increased its slices to $1.50, despite the name. As of Monday, EV Grieve reports that 99-cent slices are back at 246 E. 14th Street, between Second and Third avenue.

The Hot Dog King of New York is holding onto his turf

Grub Street has the scoop on Dan Rossi, the disabled veteran and operator of a hot dog stand located in front of the Met, who is in a battle to keep his location. Rossi has been there for 16 years, one of the more lucrative spots in the city for street vending, given the high traffic from tourists. To navigate the city’s vending rules, he’s been sleeping in a van for about a decade to keep an eye on his cart.

Kith Treats is descending on Williamsburg

First came the announcement of a Chanel store, now Greenpointers reports that Kith, a brand streetwear bros flock to, is opening a dessert shop in the neighborhood. Kith Treats, known for its cereal soft serve, is opening at 25 Kent Avenue, between North 12th and 13th streets. It is the third Kith Treats in NYC. The website lists the flagship as opening this Friday.