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New York Icon Economy Candy Is Expanding for First Time in Nearly 90 Years

The Lower East Side fixture since 1937 is opening at the Chelsea Market

Economy Candy on the Lower East Side.
Economy Candy on the Lower East Side.

Lower East Side’s Economy Candy, which first opened in 1937, is opening another location for the first time in its 85-year-long history. A sibling location will debut at the Chelsea Market on February 7, a spokesperson tells Eater.

Named A Taste of Economy Candy, the Chelsea Market sibling will be slightly smaller than the Rivington Street flagship, where the New York Times estimates there are as many as 2,000 candy varieties sold out of a 2,000-square-foot shop.

The abbreviated Chelsea outpost will sell “a selection of the same vintage candies and classics as the flagship store, with a rotation of new treats each month,” per a representative.

It’s a fitting time for an expansion: Morris “Moishe” Cohen opened the Lower East Side fixture at the tail end of the Great Depression (hence the name), and here we are in 2023, nearing a recession. In the decades following its opening, Economy Candy was helmed by Jerry Cohen, Morris Cohen’s next of kin, and his wife, Illene. “We ran the store together with my father for a few years,” the second-generation Cohen told Eater back in 2016.

Today their son Mitchell Cohen is the third-generation owner, who started working at the candy shop seeking refuge from the predating financial crisis of 2008. He runs Economy Candy with his wife, Skye Greenfield Cohen, and it's where he took her on their first date, according to the Times.