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A Brooklyn Pizza Institution Made Famous by ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Closes After 70 Years

Plus, a woman sets fire to a Pride flag at a Manhattan restaurant — and more intel

The exterior of a pizzeria in Brooklyn, Lenny’s.
Lenny’s in Bensonhurst has closed after almost 70 years of business.
picture alliance via Getty Image

Lenny’s Pizzeria, a Brooklyn institution made famous by an appearance in Saturday Night Fever — in which John Travolta’s character, Tony Manero, double-decks two slices and struts down a street as he eats closed after almost 70 years this weekend. Josephine Giordano, the daughter of owner Frank Giordano, announced the decision on Friday evening over social media. She says Frank, who has been running the pizzeria since 1983 and is now 77 years old, is retiring. The restaurant served its last slices on February 19.

Woman sets fire to Pride flag at Manhattan restaurant

A woman set fire to a Pride flag hanging from a Manhattan restaurant early on Monday morning in an incident that is being investigated as a possible hate crime, the New York Times reports. The fire took place around 1:35 a.m. at Little Prince in Soho when a white SUV came to an abrupt stop in front of the restaurant, a woman emerged from the passenger side and set fire to the rainbow flag using a handheld lighter before driving off. The French restaurant was closed at the time of the incident and no one was injured; the fire resulted in a temporary evacuation of upstairs apartments, which suffered cracked windows and minor external damage, according to the Times.

A break-in at a Union Square pizzeria

Unregular Pizza in Union Square is recovering from an attack on Monday evening that sent one of its employees to the hospital and left the business with a shattered front door. Pizzeria owner Gabriele Lamonaca recounted the incident on social media, saying the attacker threatened the restaurant in a message on Instagram before showing up in person around 20 minutes later and attacking one of its workers. The individual, who was still at large as of Monday evening, is someone Lamonaca previously knew in Rome, he says.

Queens Night Market announces return date

The Queens Night Market has announced its opening dates for its eighth season. The open-air food market, where the cost of dishes is capped at $6 each, will kick things off with two ticketed weekends on April 15 and 22, before opening to the public with free admission starting on April 29, founder John Wang shared over social media. The market’s popular price cap on food items will remain in place this year with help from Citizens Bank, which is subsidizing vendor fees, he writes. Tickets for its opening weekends go on sale in March.