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A Michelin-Starred Restaurant Is Leaving Its Home After Five Years

Oxalis will close at the end of the year and a new cafe from the owners will open in its place

The indoor dining room of a restaurant is outfitted with light wood furniture, white walls, and tables set for service.
Oxalis will close at the end of the year to become an all-day cafe. The restaurant will relocate to a new location in the neighborhood.

Oxalis, the Michelin-starred tasting menu restaurant that opened in 2018 in Prospect Heights, will close in its current location at the end of the year, with a new cafe from the same owners opening at the address in the spring of 2024.

Partners Nico Russell, Steve Wong, and Piper Kristensen — the same trio behind the popular Place des Fêtes that opened last year — will hold onto the building where Oxalis has operated for five years (791 Washington Avenue, near Lincoln Place) and turn the space into a cafe. The spot will serve breakfast and coffee in the morning with brunch and lunch service, Russell says; it will continue to have seated service plus takeout.

Meanwhile, Oxalis will reopen at a new location in the neighborhood — no word yet on when or whether it will remain a tasting menu restaurant, “but it will be Oxalis,” a spokesperson says.

Ahead of closing on December 31, the restaurant has expanded dinner service to six nights a week. “Just as it was time for a dish to be taken off the menu as soon as we felt it had been perfected, it is time to say goodbye to this current version of Oxalis,” the restaurant shared in a post on Instagram.

Oxalis started as a pop-up in other restaurants’ kitchens before settling down in Prospect Heights five years ago. The year it opened, the Michelin Guide awarded it a single star; it’s held onto that recognition in the years since.