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Every Drink Is $5 ‘in Perpetuity’ at This New Coffee Shop in the East Village

Plus, afternoon tea with a Southeast Asian dessert trolley — and more intel

A pour over set-up with several different color apparatuses.
All coffee drinks at Compilation Coffee are $5.
Compilation Coffee

Just as the Blank Street Coffee chain has become inescapable, a new spot is trying its own model. At Compilation Coffee, a coffee shop that debuts today in the East Village, every drink on the menu is $5. Compilation functions like so: No matter what alternative milks or add-ons are used, all 12-ounce drinks — hot or cold — cost $5. There’s one size only, no espresso drinks, no fancy cold brew (just regular iced coffee), and 10 different blends to pick from.

The new spot, located at 102 St. Mark’s Place, between First Avenue and Avenue A, comes from Noah Jashinski, a veteran of the coffee industry, having worked at Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, and Joe’s. But positioned as a standardization method, Compilation raises more questions than it answers. While coffee prices have crept up over the years, many shops today don’t charge for alternative milks in non-espresso drinks. Though, as a recent alternative milk protest in which a Succession actor glued himself to a Midtown Starbucks counter might suggest, it’s perhaps a cause some customers might feel passionate about. However, a representative tells Eater that the $5 price is “in perpetuity,” regardless of inflation.

Afternoon tea with a Southeast Asian dessert trolley

Lady Wong, the East Village sweets shop known for layered kuih, is hosting an afternoon tea service at restaurateur Salil Mehta’s Singapura. According to the New York Times, dessert trolleys will be filled with lychee tarts, a custard cake known as pandan serimuka, and black sesame passion fruit slices meant to pair with various teas and dessert wines. The series will run at Mehta’s restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. until October 12.

What’s happening with the iconic Odessa diner sign?

Superiority Burger’s highly-anticipated takeover of the former Odessa space is well underway, but some might be wondering what’s happening with the diner’s signage. EV Grieve reports that the Odessa exterior sign has come down, but Superiority Burger’s Brooks Headley assures that it's “in a safe place.” Hopefully, it stays local and doesn’t go the way of the Gem Spa sign, which ended up in an Ohio farmhouse.

Krispy Kreme opens its first Staten Island location

Krispy Kreme has now officially touched down in all five boroughs, thanks to the forthcoming debut of a Staten Island location on September 20. According to a representative, the new shop located at 2643 Richmond Avenue, at Ring Road, is the only Krispy Kreme in New York state with a drive-thru.