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Seeking Cake in Queens

It’s for a baby shower, but these four spots are go-to’s for any special occasion

Orange and purple flowers of different sizes are pressed onto the surface of a cream-colored cake.
A cake with pressed flowers from Taste Creme.
Taste Creme

What’s a good bakery, ideally in Queens, for a baby shower cake? We live in Queens Village so I was thinking Martha’s Country Bakery, but I’m open to others!

Please and thank you,

Baked in Queens

Hello Baked in Queens,

I was in this exact situation just three years ago for my own baby shower, and I’m back on the hunt for a (persistently requested) unicorn cake for my daughter’s birthday.

First off, what’s your palate like? And when do you need the cake by?

At Purple Dough in Woodside a.k.a. Little Manila, the custom-order cakes come in naked, ombre, rosette (and unicorn!) forms that run an affordable $50, $75, and $95, depending on the size. And the best part, the flavors — for either the cake or the filling — include calamansi, coconut pandan, ube, and Thai tea. There’s also a vegan option. Plus, they’re quick! Cakes are ready for pick-up a mere two days after placing an order. To order, text (646) 726-2187 or email

For a more European palate and an emphasis on an artistic look — like a splash of gold flakes or a cascade of peonies — check out Taste Creme in Long Island City. They specialize in delicate chiffon cakes that come in flavors that include blueberry Earl Grey, Champagne raspberry rose, and strawberry vanilla. But what’s your time frame here? They recommend submitting a Custom Cake Form at least two weeks in advance.

For true Italian flavors that are lighter on sugar and heavier on fresh ingredients, head to Cerasella where Salerno-born pastry chef and owner Caterina Pepe can hook you up with tiramisu, sheep’s milk ricotta with minced pears, or caprese (flourless with almonds and chocolate) cakes. Even her cheesecake is made from ricotta she has whipped light and airy. Give her a call at (718) 440-3488 to nail down other specs like size and deadline. She can typically turn it around in two days.

The Korean chain Paris Baguette is also a reliable standby where you can always pick up a cake in a pinch. The creamy frostings and fillings here are lighter and dappled with fresh fruits from the mango coconut to the mixed berry and green tea flavors. My family and I typically grab one of these en route to a birthday party.

Good luck and cheers to a beautiful baby shower!

Caroline Shin