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Marc Jacobs’s Plastic Surgeon Is Opening a Bookstore and Wine Bar in Soho

Plus, a hotel opened in Midtown that costs a rage-inducing $3200 a night — and more intel

Dr. Andrew Jacono and his son, AJ Jacono, are opening a bookstore, cafe, and wine bar.
Matthew Marchese

New York City is teeming with hybrid bookstores that also double as a cafe, including at Soho’s Housing Works, East Village’s Book Club, and Bushwick’s Molasses Books. What this city didn’t have, and certainly no one could anticipate, is a new combination bookstore, cafe, and wine bar from a celebrity plastic surgeon. According to a representative, Dr. Andrew Jacono, a plastic surgeon to celebrities like Marc Jacobs, is opening Bibliotheque in Soho, in collaboration his son, a writer named AJ Jacono.

The cafe menu will include food from Daniel Boulud’s Epicerie Boulud and will open sometime in the fall at 54 Mercer Street, near Broome Street. The team has already applied for their liquor license.

Catskills hospitality workers are struggling to find housing

Particularly during the pandemic, the Catskills has exploded with new restaurants and hotels. But, as the New York Times reports, the influx of New Yorkers heading upstate for a weekend getaway has created a shortage of affordable housing, and hospitality workers in the area are struggling to find housing near their jobs. Housing for workers has increasingly been an issue in other seasonal vacation destinations, including in the Hamptons, according to a 2021 report.

What’s happening at the 120-year-old Parisi Bakery?

Earlier this week, Bowery Boogie reported that a notice of termination of tenancy was posted on the exterior of Little Italy institution Parisi Bakery, set to go into effect on September 30. Apparently, the note has since come down and was curiously swapped with a notice that the bakery was going on vacation. An update to the story includes a quote from owner Robert Parisi, stating that “with certainty the shop is not closing.” A call to the bakery this morning confirmed that the space is back from vacation and has no plans of closing.

Midtown now has a rage-inducing $3200 a night hotel

According to the New York Times, that’s actually the price of the cheapest room at the Aman New York, a glitzy hotel that debuted this month. In our opinion, there’s no way a room this expensive could even be slightly worth it — even for a bathroom bigger than our bedroom.