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Michelin Announces 25 New NYC Restaurants It’s Eyeing for Awards in 2022

Surprise: Two-thirds of them are in Manhattan

A bespectacled staffer shaves pecorino over a guanciale pie while flames are visible from the domed pizza oven behind him
Chef Tony Duranti shaves pecorino over a guanciale pie at Mel’s.
Christian Rodriguez/Eater NY

The Michelin Guide is back with more additions to its list of restaurants included in the New York guide, its running list of restaurants in contention for awards. The list, consisting of 25 restaurants across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, nods to a handful of younger neighborhood restaurants — and plenty of the upscale Manhattan haunts that Michelin inspectors can’t seem to get enough of.

The guide’s latest round of adds include: Bonnie’s, a Cantonese American restaurant in Williamsburg; CheLi, a Shanghainese stunner with locations in the East Village and Flushing; Dame, a home for fish and chips and other English fare in Greenwich Village; Mel’s, Melissa Rodriguez and Jeff Katz’s wood-fired pizzeria in Chelsea; and Wenwen, Eric Sze’s ode to Taiwanese cooking in Greenpoint.

The new adds aren’t a guarantee that restaurants are receiving single stars, multiple stars, or zero stars, nor does it indicate their fate on the guide’s Bib Gourmand list, a larger category of more affordable establishments. At best, they can be thought of as an indication of the types of venues that the inspectors have on their radar.

The new add join Michelin’s collection of over 500 restaurants listed in its New York guide, including six added last fall and 21 added earlier this year. “It will be revealed in the fall which of them receive distinctions such as Stars or Bib Gourmands,” a spokesperson for Michelin confirmed to Eater over email.

Like in the past, this year’s inspectors underscored their appreciation for upscale Manhattan restaurants, which account for some two-thirds of the picks. Not a single restaurant from the Bronx was included in the new adds, while the entirety of Queens is represented by two establishments — three, if you count the Flushing location of CheLi — located a block from one another in Ridgewood.

The latest round of adds are a step in a so-called new direction for Michelin, which previously announced its award winners twice annually. In November, the guide appeared to retire that tradition, announcing that it would reveal its New York selections at seemingly random intervals throughout the year.

Michelin’s first round of picks, released in tandem with the announcement, consisted of just six restaurants: Les Trois Chevaux, Le Fanfare, Takeda, Torien, Yellow Rose, and 63 Clinton. As Eater critic Ryan Sutton noted at the time, all but one of them are located in Manhattan, and all but two serve upscale tasting menus.

See the full list of new adds for New York City below:

  • Bar Tulix
  • Barbuto
  • Bonnie’s
  • CheLi
  • Cómodo
  • Dame
  • Esora Omakase
  • Gage & Tollner
  • Gotham
  • Icca
  • Joomak Banjum
  • LittleMäd
  • Lore
  • Mel’s
  • Nudibranch
  • Nura
  • Porcelain
  • Rolo’s
  • Sushi Ikumi
  • Sweetbriar
  • Veranda
  • Victor
  • Wau
  • Wenwen
  • Yoshino