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Eric Adams Advises ‘Let Your Haters Be Your Waiters’ in His Latest Restaurant Worker Snub

Plus, hot pot chain Shoo Loong Kan opens first U.S. location in Flushing — and more intel

New York’s Staten Island Holds Annual Memorial Day Parade
Eric Adams told the Queens College class of 2022 this week to “let your haters be your waiters” in his commencement speech.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Mayor Eric Adams has once again snubbed restaurant workers. During his speech this week to the Queens College 2022 graduating class, Adams advised: “Let your haters be your waiters when you sit down at the table of success.” Apparently, Gawker reports, this is a phrase Adams has been using since at least 2015. In one interview Adams gave in 2021 to the New York Times, the quote was expanded to state: “turn your haters into your waiters” and “give them a 15 percent tip.”

This week is the latest example of an Adams speech that belittles restaurant workers. In January, Adams referred to cooks and dishwashers as “low-skilled,” which received backlash from the hospitality industry, as well as from politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who worked as a waitress and bartender prior to her political career.

A global hot pot chain opens first U.S. location in Flushing reports Shoo Loong Kan, a Sichuan-style hot pot chain hailing from Chengdu, China, opened it’s first U.S. location in Flushing’s Tangram shopping mall this week. In addition to regular hot pot fix-ins, nine new dishes will be exclusive to the Flushing flagship. Shoo Loong Kan is located at 133-33 39th Avenue, near 37th Avenue.

Smorgasburg will be all about the Smorgasburgers this weekend

This Sunday, June 5 Smorgasburg in Prospect Park is hosting its first-ever Smorgasburger event, a representative tells Eater. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. a variety of burgers will be sold: from smash burger favorite Smashed, arepa burger from Palenque Food, and food from burger expert George Motz, among other vendors. In addition, there will be $1 off beers.

Crepe cake queen Lady M gets a $600 million evaluation

Lady M, known for its layered mille crepe cakes, is seeking $20 million to fuel its continued expansion into Asia, Crain’s New York reports. Currently, the New York-founded company operates 50 outposts worldwide, including 30 stores in China. Sources shared with the business publication that the bakery chain, which opened its first location in 2001 on the Upper East Side, could be worth around $600 million.