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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Is Opening a Fish-and-Chips Chain in Times Square

Plus, Eastern European pop-up Dacha 46 is setting up shop in Park Slope through June — and more intel

A man in a white chefs coat leaning over a smoking pan on the stove and sprinkling an ingredient in.
Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef.
FOX via Getty Images

The brash, expletive-dropping celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is opening a restaurant in Times Square. AMNewYork reports that Ramsay is bringing his fish-and-chips chain — called Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, of course — to 1500 Broadway, near Seventh Avenue. Like the chain’s other outposts in Orlando and Las Vegas, this restaurant will stock fried fish and chips, as well as shrimp, lobster, and chicken. Ramsay joins a few other new restaurants luring in tourists in the neighborhood, including a four-story Planet Hollywood and Brooklyn Chop House’s 25,000-square-foot expansion that includes a members-only NFT restaurant.

Fires put LES restaurant on hiatus while gutting a Brooklyn restaurant

Chef Helen Nguyen’s Saigon Social — which the New York Times recently profiled as the Vietnamese restaurant navigated the challenges of staying in business during a pandemic — has remained dark for the past week after a fire damaged the space, according to Bowery Boogie. The restaurant announced on social media that it plans to reopen and a GoFundMe fundraiser has raised nearly $61,000 out of a $75,000 goal so far. In Bensonhurst, a fire started in El Divino Rey on Saturday evening and ripped through the Mexican restaurant before engulfing several apartments above it, AMNewYork reports.

A fruit vendor’s arrest prompts more calls for street vendor rights

The Street Vendor Project, a leading advocacy group for tens of thousands of NYC vendors, tweeted video footage of cops arresting a woman with a fruit cart that went viral over the weekend and ignited renewed calls to protect vendors, AMNewYork reports. Maria Falcon, an Ecuadorian immigrant, told the publication she was not selling mangos or melons from her laundry cart on the Broadway Junction subway platform on April 29 when two police officers arrested her and kept her inside the the NYYD’s Transit District 33 station for two hours. A subway station manager complained Falcon, who had been ticketed in early April, was operating without a license, according to NYPD spokesperson. The number of limited permits, however, has made it a challenge for many vendors like Falcon, who most recently parked her cart at nearby Highland Park.

Dacha 46 parks itself in Park Slope

Roving Eastern European pop-up Dacha 46 is staying put in Park Slope and offering a weekly takeout menu through the end of June. Married chefs Jessica and Trina Quinn will be selling dumplings and desserts on Fridays from 2 to 6 p.m., according to a post on Instagram, and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., they’ll be cooking up a rotating full menu that included stuffed piroshki, pelmeni, and puffy bulochki on opening weekend. The pop-up is located at 487 Seventh Avenue, between Prospect Avenue and Windsor Place.