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Hit Nordic Coffee Roaster La Cabra Is Adding Another NYC Location

Last year’s breakout hit coffee shop plots a second location in Soho

A cardamom bun sits on a grey plate on a white table, just in front of a clear coffee flask and an earthenware cup
Coffee and a cardamom bun at La Cabra.
Ryan Sutton/Eater NY
Erika Adams is the editor of Eater Boston.

Wildly popular Scandinavian coffee shop and bakery La Cabra is already plotting out its expansion in the city, months after debuting its first U.S. location in the East Village. Management at the coffee shop has confirmed via email that La Cabra is aiming to open a second location in Soho at 284 Lafayette Street, near Jersey Street, in late summer this year.

The second Manhattan store will be larger than the first, which often juggles lines of customers snaking out of the door in the morning. La Cabra plans to further build out its acclaimed Nordic coffee program with light and bright roasts in the new shop, and add to the bakery menu, although a representative declined to disclose more detailed plans at this point.

Founded in Denmark, the decade-old coffee company first landed in NYC last October with a sleek, minimalist shop in the East Village. The coffee shop and roastery, already highly regarded among global coffee nerds who count La Cabra among the stars of the Nordic coffee scene — which also includes Norway’s Tim Wendelboe and Sweden’s Koppi — found a near-instant following in downtown Manhattan. Customers lined up not just for La Cabra’s exacting, $8 pour overs, but also for its well-executed cardamom buns, tangy sourdough loaves, and delicate pastries overseen by head baker Jared Sexton, a Bien Cuit and Dominique Ansel alum.

The location in Soho will mark the chain’s seventh shop overall. La Cabra maintains several coffee shops, a roastery, and a bakery in Aarhus, Denmark, plus an outpost in Bangkok, according to its website.