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LES Restaurant Threatens to Sue NYC Over Alleged $500K in Losses From Outdoor Shed Removal

Plus, celebrity magnet Jue Lan Club faces a new lawsuit — and more intel

The exterior of the Pinky’s Space, before it was removed by the city.
The exterior of the Pinky’s Space outdoor shed, before it was removed by the city.
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Lower East Side restaurant Pinky’s Space filed paperwork with intent to sue the city yesterday, following what they contend was an unjust removal of its outdoor shed in October. The notice of claim document states that the removal of Pinky’s Space outdoor shed — one of the more outlandish set-ups, outfitted with mannequins and a disco ball — allegedly caused damages of “at least $90,000,” with a profit loss estimated to be $528,000. (This figure has jumped up from initial reporting by the New York Post in which Pinky’s stated outdoor shed damages were $25,000, later amending it to $50,000.) According to a DOT spokesperson, Pinky’s received three notices from the city, dating back to August. The last, in October, allegedly informed the owners that the shed would be taken down if was not ADA compliant; the city claims the shed blocked a manhole and failed to display reflectors on the exterior.

“We are excited to seek justice,” said Pinky’s co-owner Mimi Blitz via an emailed statement. “Our whole business model has essentially been thrown in the trash. We are still suffering. Everything is just different now, and it’s a direct result of the demolition of our outdoor dining structure.” A spokesperson for Helbraun & Levey LLP said that the law firm was representing several other hospitality spots in addition to Pinky’s that had their outdoor shed removed, but declined to specify. Helbraun & Levey LLP said that the city has 30 days to respond to the notice of claim.

Celebrity magnet Jue Lan Club faces a lawsuit

Naiome Ram, an executive at Manhattan restaurant and party spot Jue Lan Club, is being sued for alleged assault, battery, and unpaid wages by a former employee, the New York Post reports. The plaintiff claims in the suit that during an argument on August 18 that the employee happened to record, Ram says, “Little f–king Mexican illegal pieces of s–t like you shouldn’t f–k with people who f–king have money and f–king who know f–king s–t,” and allegedly punched him “in the face and chest.” Ram also allegedly threatened his immigration status.

The plaintiff claims the conflict allegedly reaches back to his wife’s working for a competing restaurant, Sei Less; in the recording, Ram allegedly accuses the couple of passing Jue Lan Club recipes to his wife’s employer. Ram denied claims to the Post. Eater reached out to Jue Lan Club for comment.

A Brooklyn grocery store once deemed “perilous to life” is returning

In August, Fort Greene market Greene Grape Provisions temporarily closed, following the detection of the building’s crumbling walls that were deemed “perilous to life” by the city. Now, owner Amy Bennett says she is targeting to reopen by the end of December.

Fulugurances Laundromat has a new resident chef

Greenpoint residency restaurant Fulugurances is hosting Laotian American chef Colby Rasavong, a veteran of Sean Brock’s team in Nashville. The $89 tasting menu includes dishes like duck with pumpkin and tamarind as well as parnsip-banana custard. The residency runs from December 6 through March 5. Reservations can be made online.