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New Yorkers Can Dine Indoors Right After First Vaccination Shot, De Blasio Says

Plus, an NSFW dessert bar heads to the Lower East Side — and more intel

A man with a mask sits in a booth and raises his thumb in the air
Mayor Bill de Blasio eating lunch outdoors in Chinatown in August 2020.
Gary He/Eater

New Yorkers can dine indoors right after their first vaccine, De Blasio says

Ahead of the full rollout of the city’s vaccine mandate later this month, Mayor Bill de Blasio has further loosened the rules of his Key to NYC program, which requires New Yorkers to provide proof of vaccination to eat at restaurants and participate in other indoor activities. On Tuesday, de Blasio said that city residents do not need to wait 14 days after receiving their first vaccine to head indoors, despite conflicting recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Let’s say someone goes to a restaurant and they didn’t know about the rule,” De Blasio said. “They really want to go to the restaurant and they’re ready to get vaccinated... You can literally go to that vaccination site, get your first shot, get your card, come back, go to that restaurant, go to that movie theater, go to that concert.”

De Blasio applauded “how flexible the rule is” during the conference, but the CDC advises that it typically takes two weeks from the point of vaccination for an individual to develop protection against coronavirus. The mayor has previously said that only the first dose of a vaccine will be required to dine in restaurants under the Key to NYC program, which experts say may be less effective at protecting against coronavirus variants.

The city’s vaccine mandate kicked off on August 16, and although hundreds of restaurants are already requiring proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 tests, the policy won’t be enforced for another two weeks. Beginning September 13, city officials will begin fining businesses that are not requiring their customers to be vaccinated.

In other news

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