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The Pandemic May Have Killed the Dollar Slice

Plus, Bar Veloce reopens in the East Village — and more intel

Customers stand outside a 2 Bros. pizza shop in Midtown.
A 2 Bros. dollar pizza shop in Midtown.
Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images
Erika Adams is the editor of Eater Boston.

Like the Empire State Building and the East Village rats, the dollar pizza slice is a hometown hero in NYC. But it may be going extinct with mounting supply chain pressures, the New York Post reports. One of the top dollar slice destinations in Manhattan — 2 Bros. Pizza — has started selling its slices for $1.50 at its Chelsea location, instead of the advertised $1, according to the report. Co-founder Oren Halali says the price increase stems from the higher cost of just about everything it takes to keep the lights on at his slice shops. “Flour, cheese, tomatoes, gloves, paper goods, paper plates, napkins,” Halali tells the Post. “Everything. Labor is definitely up, as well.”

Other pizza shops have been feeling the same squeeze. Staten Island’s Mona Lisa Pizzeria has been struggling to keep up with an up to 200 percent price increase in the past year on a litany of items that the restaurant buys on a weekly basis, according to the Post. A plain slice at the shop now costs $2.75, up from $2.25 last year, while cheese pies are now $18 apiece, up from $15.

Bar Veloce has returned

Wine bar mini-chain Bar Veloce has reopened its East Village location for the first time in nearly two years, EV Grieve reports. The bar’s Columbus Circle and Chelsea locations have also reopened, while the Soho spot remains temporarily closed for now.

Turns out, people will pay extra for a Shake Shack truffle burger

Sales of Shake Shack’s black truffle burger have proved that customers are willing to pay a couple extra bucks for fancy ingredients, according to CEO Randy Garutti. More souped-up sandwiches may be in Shake Shack’s future.

Fall festival season is here

The Bronx Harvest Festival is kicking off its second annual fall extravaganza at Fordham Plaza on November 13 at 12 p.m., the Bronx Times reports. There’s live music, games, a hay maze, and — the most crucial part — the Bronx Night Market is curating the food vendors at the festival. Treat Yourself Jerk Chicken, Downeast Lobstah, and Hadez Food Truck will all be making an appearance.