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Salt Bae’s NYC Steakhouse Gets Hit With Another Round of Labor Lawsuits

Plus, a new Persian beer company based in Brooklyn — and more intel

Salt Bae in a suit, sprinkling salt over a steak on a wooden board
Salt Bae
Jean Schwarzwalder/Eater NY

In the latest lawsuit against Nusr-et Gökçe, known more often as Salt Bae, two more ex-employees of the critically-panned Nusr-Et Steakhouse have filed workplace discrimination lawsuits against their former employer. According to the New York Post, the lawsuits claim that non-Turkish employees had allegedly been discriminated against. Each lawsuit is asking for $500,000.

The suits, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last week, launch several claims against the experience of working at Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et. The allegations run the gamut from a non-Turkish worker allegedly being given less lucrative tables, to a Dominican bartender who was reportedly told to change into a “a short skirt, high-heels and a revealing top” while other Turkish coworkers were allegedly not asked to do the same.

Back in August of this year, five employees sued Salt Bae over alleged unpaid overtime wages at his NYC restaurants. It wasn’t the first time the restaurant had been sued, either. In 2019, a lawsuit claimed that Salt Bae had been mishandling tips at his New York restaurant.

A new artisanal chocolate bar shop opens in Rock Center

Single-origin chocolate brand Raaka has opened a pop-up store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, on the Concourse level, just in time for holiday gift shopping. In addition to their regular line of bars and limited-edition flavors, they’ll offer hot chocolate, gift boxes, baking-ready chocolates, and more.

Governor Kathy Hochul threatens to divest New York from the company that owns Ben & Jerry’s

Back in July, Ben & Jerry’s announced that it would halt operations in the West Bank, writing in a public statement on its website, that said “we believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).” According to Gothamist, Hochul is allegedly up in arms about the boycott, threatening to divest the state from Unilever, the parent company behind the ice cream brand.

A unique Persian beer brand for Brooklyn

A new Persian beer company, Back Home Beer has launched in Brooklyn, infusing ingredients like sumac and sour cherries. The new beer brand was launched by former journalist, Zahra Tabatabai who was inspired by her late grandfather, a home-brewer back in Shiraz, Iran. New spots like Williamsburg’s Masquerade, a Persian tapas bar, are already stocking her cans.