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So Long to Superiority Burger’s Original East Village Outpost

Plus, Conti’s Pastry Shoppe in the Bronx celebrates 100 years in business — and more intel

A black-and-white photo of the exterior of Superiority Burger which shows the sign.
Superiority Burger.
Nick Solares/Eater NY
Erika Adams is the editor of Eater Boston.

East Village hot spot Superiority Burger has permanently closed its shoebox-sized shop at 430 East Ninth Street, between Avenue A and First Avenue. The closure is in preparation for the restaurant’s previously announced relocation to the former Odessa diner spot at 119 Avenue A, between St. Marks Place and East Seventh Street, according to a message posted on Superiority Burger’s Instagram account. The original outpost of Superiority Burger first opened in June 2015 and became known as one of the city’s landmark vegetarian restaurants with signature hits including a veggie burger, crispy fried tofu sandwich, and seasonal gelatos.

Owner Brooks Headley, a former executive pastry chef at Del Posto, tells EVGrieve that the impending, larger-format Superiority Burger — equipped with far more seating and a liquor license — is aiming to open in late February or early March. Meanwhile, he’s holding onto the lease on East Ninth Street for now.

A Bronx pastry shop passes the 100-year mark

Conti’s Pastry Shoppe in Morris Park celebrated its 100-year birthday last week, the Bronx Times reports. The shop has long been a staple in the neighborhood for cakes, cookies, and stellar Boston cream pies.

The follow-up to Chinese hit Jiang Diner has opened

The team behind acclaimed-yet-shortlived Chinese restaurant Jiang Diner, specializing in regional Xinjiang fare, has reappeared. Jiang Kitchen, located just a few blocks away from the old establishment in the East Village, is now open at 65 St. Marks Place, near First Avenue. Familiar stars from the former menu, including the popular big-plate chicken, have reappeared at the new spot, EVGrieve reports.

A state initiative in New Jersey helps sustain both non-profits and restaurants

New Jersey is providing financial aid to non-profit programs that have been partnering with restaurants over the past year to reach food insecure residents, according to the New York Times. The state has granted $34 million to 29 organizations so far, the Times reports, and Gov. Phil Murphy just earmarked another $10 million for the program.