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One of Eric Adams’s First Goals as Mayor? Hitting the Town Every Night

Plus, the Via Carota TikTok handle is being held ransom — and more intel

Eric Adams, mayor elect of New York City, surrounded by partygoers at Zero Bond, an upscale nightlife venue.
Mayor-elect Eric Adams at Zero Bond on election night.
Eugene Gologursky/Getty

It’s shaping up to be a busy four years of New York dining for mayor-elect Eric Adams. Following a visit to Midtown Italian spot Osteria La Baia on Thursday night for its grand opening, the city’s soon-to-be vegan mayor tells the New York Post he plans to visit a different nightlife venue every night. Hopefully, they take Bitcoin.

“We’re going to patronize nightlife, every night finding a new place to eat at throughout the city,” Adams tells the Post. “Not only Manhattan. We’re going to the South Bronx, South Jamaica Queens, Staten Island.”

We’re not sure when the incoming mayor will find the time — with plans to reestablish a plainclothes gun unit and teach cryptocurrency in schools already on the table — but he’s establishing quite the track record so far. According to the Post, Adams celebrated his mayoral victory earlier this month with visits to Manhattan nightlife venues Zero Bond and Casa Cipriani on election night.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop takes its automats to Staten Island, Queens

Manhattan-born dumpling chain Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is headed to Staten Island and Queens with seven new franchise locations, a representative for the company tells Eater. The brand — known for its dumplings filled with French onion soup and peanut butter and jelly — has been on a national expansion tear since opening its first outpost in the East Village this spring. The restaurant chain aims to have 250 locations in development in the next two years, including in Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

Chinatown to overhaul three public spaces following $20M grant

Thanks to a $20 million state grant, Chinatown is set to overhaul three public spaces, including Kimlau Square in the western part of the neighborhood; Forsyth Plaza and the East Broadway Triangle; and the partially vacant East Broadway Mall. The revitalization plans could entail improving infrastructure for bikers and pedestrians, as well as providing street furniture and permanent structures for the neighborhood’s many produce vendors. “The future of Chinatown is bright,” councilmember Margaret Chin tells Gothamist.

A Yemeni coffee movement takes flight in Brooklyn

This week the New York Times follows the owners of Yafa Cafe, Qahwah House, Asal, and Disal as they run businesses spotlighting coffee beans from Yemen. The second-generation business owners — most of which are in their 20s or 30s — are betting on meticulously crafted $7 cups of Yemeni coffee. “The taste is complex and a little funky,” Hakim Sulaimani, owner of Yafa Cafe in Sunset Park, tells the publication. “Sometimes you can literally taste the dirt and the air.”

It’s your move, Via Carota

Subjected to the same fate as @matthewmcconaughey, the @viacarota TikTok handle is now being held ransom.