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A Running List of NYC Restaurants That Are Temporarily Closed This Winter

Restaurants and bars that are “hibernating” until next spring

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The indoor seating area of the cocktail bar Lois Paul Wagtouicz [Official]

As temperatures drop and coronavirus cases continue to climb nationwide, a growing number of restaurants and bars in New York City are temporarily closing their doors for the winter season. It started with just a few dozen establishments in October, but in recent months more than 100 restaurants and bars have announced plans to close their doors for the foreseeable future.

Almost overnight, “hibernating” became the buzz word around town. Businesses saddled by months of rent payments and a once-in-a-generation economic downturn have decided that it’s cheaper to remain closed and pay for multiple months of rent than remain open for takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining. Some restaurants plan to reopen in spring, when it’s warm enough to offer outdoor dining without having to purchase costly propane heaters. Others are holding their breaths for meaningful financial assistance from the federal government, including the proposed $120 billion relief bill currently sitting before Congress. For many, it’s whichever comes first.

Below, Eater is documenting restaurants and bars that have hibernated for the season, with links to their closing announcements. If there’s a business in your neighborhood that has closed for the winter, let us know at This list will be updated regularly.




The Bronx

Staten Island