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Bolstered by Local Support, Chinatown Legend 88 Lan Zhou Is Staying Open For Now

Plus, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is donating a new location of its restaurant to an aspiring Black or Latinx entrepreneur — and more intel

Boiled dumplings covered in chile oil Devra Ferst/Eater

88 Lan Zhou will be staying open for now

Just ten days after New York City first learned of 88 Lan Zhou’s plans to permanently close, the restaurant has announced that it will be temporarily staying open. “With the support and love shown by all of you, we’ve decided to extend our closing date,” the restaurant shared in a post to Instagram Tuesday evening. It’s not clear how much longer 88 Lan Zhou will be able to stay open, but the restaurant’s owners say they’re consulting with their landlord and will have an update shortly.

88 Lan Zhou was originally slated to close this Friday, August 15, an announcement that left fans of the legendary dumpling and noodle shop reeling. Many turned to Instagram and Twitter to mourn the loss of the Chinatown mainstay, while others used the platforms to share photos of their freezers lined with the restaurant’s pork and chive dumplings, which some have deemed the city’s absolute best. All that attention has also bolstered the restaurant’s business. Two days after its closing announcement on August 3, 88 Lan Zhou advised that customers call ahead to confirm that frozen dumplings were still in stock due to high demand.

In other news

— Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is giving away a new location of the restaurant to an aspiring Black or Latinx entrepreneur in NYC, valued at $150,000. Applicants of the new program must have some college experience or five years of experience in the hospitality industry, according to a spokesperson for the restaurant.

— Nomad’s popular Lebanese restaurant Ilili has set up an Emergency Disaster Fund for those affected by the explosion in Beirut. All of the proceeds from the restaurant’s brunch and dinner services this Sunday will go toward the fund, a spokesperson for the restaurant says.

— Hillandale Farms, one of the country’s largest egg producers, is now at the center of a lawsuit for alleged price-gouging in New York at the height of the pandemic. Dozens of eggs that previously cost between $.59 to $1.10 allegedly sold for as much as $5.49 each.

— Gramercy fine dining restaurant Craft is hosting a relaxed summer pop-up with seasonal small plates, summery cocktails, and housemade ice creams. Weekly happy hour specials are also on the menu Wednesday through Friday, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

— New York City’s oldest beer garden, Bohemian, has been shut down for violating the state’s social distancing guidelines.

— Gothamist found the pupusas at the newly opened Pupusas Ridgewood to be an “excellent under-$10 meal.”

— East Harlem’s popular El Paso Restaurante has reopened at a new location at 123 East 110th Street, between Lexington and Park Avenues.

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