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Sour Patch Kids Just Opened a Giant, Candy-Fueled Cafe in Noho

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Plus, Threes Brewing and its Meat Hook burger counter have reopened in Gowanus — and more intel

An assortment of colorful, candy-themed desserts, dipped in candy and topped with Sour Patch Kids branded straws and umbrellas Sour Patch Kids Store

The new candy-fueled cafe sells sour cookie dough and cotton candy waffles

International candy brand Sour Patch Kids announced this week that it’s opened a new retail store and restaurant in Noho. The company’s first brick-and-mortar operations includes plans for a candy-fueled cafe, slinging unasked-for creations like a milkshake topped with a slice of rainbow cake and Sour Patch Kids-flavored cookie dough, the latter of which has been created in partnership with popular cookie dough brand Do. The Sour Patch Kids store is now open daily from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 665 Broadway, at Bond Street, in Noho.

Historically, food-brands-turned-restaurants have performed just okay in New York City, but despite the odds they continue to open. Kellogg’s Cafe, a Union Square spin-off of the breakfast foods brand, permanently closed in December after three years, though that may have been because it served bowls of grocery store cereal for $1.50 each. Five months into the novel coronavirus pandemic, however, out-of-state tourists are slowly starting to trickle back into the city, and Sour Patch Kids may be looking to capitalize on past successes of candy brand retailers, like M&Ms and Hershey’s, both of which operate flagship stores in Times Square.

In other news

— The New York Historical Society reopens tomorrow with a new outdoor photo exhibit on New York City during quarantine, according to a spokesperson with the organization. The society’s adjoining cafe, Parliament Espresso and Coffee Bar, has also reopened for outdoor eating and drinking.

— The backyard at Threes Brewing in Gowanus reopened for outdoor drinking and dining this weekend. Food supplied by Brooklyn’s popular burger and butcher shop Meat Hook is also available.

— A new farmer’s market is setting up shop in the East Village. The greenmarket, a collaboration between Grow NYC and the Village Alliance, will take place in the Astor Place south plaza every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until November 24.

— Chelsea restaurant Motel Morris has reopened for outdoor dining. The restaurant is open daily for dinner and for brunch on weekends.

— Smuckers sandwiches and bouillon cubes in water. A guide to the most ridiculous menu items that bars are serving to comply with new state guidelines.

— Williamsburg’s Michelin-star wine bar and restaurant the Four Horsemen is hiring a cook.

— Maybe less: