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New Yorkers Recall Their Favorite Food Memories From the Pre-Pandemic World

New Yorker writer Rachel Syme asked people to share their favorite NYC memories and naturally, many food-related ones poured in

Gray’s Papaya hot dogs with onions and kraut
Gobbling a Gray’s Papaya hot dog is one of Rachel Syme’s memories.

Rachel Syme, a staff writer at the New Yorker since 2012, unleashed a whirlwind of nostalgia and regret when she solicited memories of the New York City we used to love via Twitter yesterday. “Ok the talk about bad places in new york is over,” she wrote. “Let’s only talk about what we desperately miss, specifics only.”

She was quick to answer her own question with several elegant responses, tone-poem paens to a New York City that no longer exists, and may never exist again in quite the same way:

If this brings a tear to your eye, you are not alone. Soon, hundreds were getting into the act and adding their own memories of the bygone metropolis. Here are some favorites that involve food and drink: