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This Comprehensive Map Tracks NYC Restaurants Certified for Outdoor Dining Right Now

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It’s searchable by borough, zip code, and restaurant name

Customers dining outside Melba’s, under orange awnings
Melba’s in Harlem
Gary He/Eater

In a bid to help people navigate the city’s new outdoor dining reality, NYC launched a user-friendly, interactive map showing the thousands of restaurants that have been approved for outdoor dining across the five boroughs, Patch reports. The map uses data from restaurants and bars that have applied for outside seating through the city’s outdoor dining initiative that launched on June 22.

The map — put together by the city’s Department of Transportation — is searchable by borough, zip code, and restaurant name. Each business listing indicates whether or not the spot offers roadway or sidewalk seating, and whether it serves alcohol.

There are currently over 6,500 restaurants included on the map, with more continually added as restaurants apply to participate in the citywide program. By borough, Manhattan is home to the lion’s share of the restaurants currently certified in the program, with 3,200 spots listed on the map. In Brooklyn, 1,600 restaurants are listed on the map, and in Queens, 1,300 restaurants are listed. The Bronx has 329 restaurants currently participating in the program, while Staten Island has 118.

There are 27,000 restaurants in total in NYC, according to the Department of Health, which conducts the city’s restaurant health inspections.

The mayor’s office has touted the outdoor dining program as an early success for struggling restaurants looking to stabilize after the city’s months-long shutdown. But owners say that sales generated from a handful of tables and chairs set up outside are a far cry from what restaurants used to bring in when operating at full capacity.

Regardless, it may be the most that restaurants can do for the foreseeable future. Both the mayor and the governor have said that they are rethinking allowing indoor dining to occur in NYC at 50 percent capacity starting next Monday, following spikes in new COVID-19 cases recorded in other states which were spurred in part by people gathering for indoor dining. New Jersey’s governor has already announced that indoor dining within the state has been postponed “indefinitely” due to the COVID-19 spikes elsewhere.

Update, 5:03 p.m.: The Department of Transportation clarified that the map shows restaurants that have applied and been certified for outdoor dining in NYC. Not all of the restaurants may be open or currently offering outdoor dining.

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