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Viral Video Shows NYC Woman Deliberately Coughing on Astoria Coffee Shop Customer

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Plus, Xi’an Famous Foods has permanently closed its Greenpoint location — and more intel

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NYC woman deliberately coughs on coffee shop customer in viral video

In a now viral video, an NYC woman can be seen coughing on an Astoria coffee shop customer who called her out for not wearing a face covering. TMZ first posted the video, which details the incident that took on June 6 at the Astoria outpost of New York City Bagel and Coffee House, on Broadway between 29th and 30th Streets.

In the video, the woman can be seen arguing with a customer wearing a face mask. “You’re a pussy,” the woman is heard saying to the customer. “Come say it to my face.” She then approaches the customer and can be seen coughing on her, before she moves to pick up the rest of her order at the counter. Social media quickly dubbed the woman a “Karen,” a term typically used to describe entitled white women.

The customer who called out the woman posted about the incident on her Facebook account the day it happened. In her post, she says that she informed the coffee shop staff about the woman not wearing a face covering, at which point the woman overheard the conversation and started shouting at her. The coffee shop management put out its own statement a week later, saying its staff was caught off guard, and that most of the workers that day were high school students who were afraid of confronting the woman.

In other news

— Noodle chain Xi’an Famous Foods has permanently closed its Greenpoint location to cut back on losses as a result of the ongoing COVID-19-related shutdown.

— Several restaurant owners say they don’t have enough clarity from the city on how to prepare for outdoor dining, which is set to begin in New York either later this month or early in July.

— Sunset Park Yemeni coffee shop Yafa Cafe has set up a fridge outside its shop with free produce including chives, mint, and chard, for New Yorkers in need.

— Soho all-day cafe West-bourne is launching an online marketplace with wines, coffee beans, porridge grains, spices, and a variety of produce through a partnership with wholesaler Natoora.

— The right way to start the week:

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