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Owner of Famed Times Square Dive Bar Jimmy’s Corner Dies Due to Coronavirus

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Jimmy Glenn, a former boxer, was beloved in the boxing world and for his constant presence at his longtime dive bar

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Jimmy Glenn in 2009, with boxing historian Bert Sugar
Photo by Michael Loccisano/WireImage

Jimmy Glenn — a boxing world legend who went on to run popular Times Square dive bar Jimmy’s Corner — has died due to COVID-19, according to and multiple remembrances on social media. He was 89.

His son, Adam, told the Daily News that Glenn went to the hospital in mid-April due to symptoms of the virus and died early Thursday morning.

Glenn opened the bar in 1971 after a long and fruitful career in the boxing world, as a fighter and a trainer. The bar, located at 140 W. 44th Street, was filled with boxing memorabilia and became a go-to spot for fans of the sport, as well as a favorite for anybody looking for a no-frills drinking spot near Times Square. As the neighborhood became a tourist destination filled with chains and high-priced entertainment, Jimmy’s has remained an oasis of nostalgic, down-to-earth vibes with reasonable prices in the area.

Many visitors became familiar with Glenn, who was a fixture at his bar and a regular friendly face. Across social media, fans mourned his death — remembering times when he remembered their faces or warmly welcomed them with a smile.

His son Adam ran the bar with him, and Adam tells the Daily News he plans to have a memorial for his father later this year.