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Spicy Chinese Dry Pot Restaurant MáLà Project Returns

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The hit restaurant is reopening its locations in the East Village and Midtown after initially shutting down in March

A spread of dishes at MáLà Project, including dan dan noodles, shelled peanuts in a cup, and dry pot in a wooden bowl
It’s back
Anthony Bui/Eater

Bless the tingly and numbing peppercorn overlords because MáLà Project is back. The popular Sichuan dry pot restaurant is reopening its locations in both the East Village and Midtown on Friday.

The centerpiece dry pot is of course on the menu, still with a long list of vegetables, meats, and mushrooms to include in the stir-fry. But MáLà Project’s supporting — but no less on-point — menu items like dim sum and appetizers are also available for those missing out on Chinese takeout right now. Veggie or pork dumplings, dan dan noodles, eggplant with roasted garlic, and cold mung bean noodles are among the options. All delivery is no-contact, and the restaurant notes that people picking up must wear masks to get food inside the restaurant.

MáLà Project has been a hit since it opened in the East Village in 2015, known for being a major propeller in popularizing Sichuan dry pot in New York. Owner Amelie Kang opened a second location in Midtown in 2018. Both outposts shut down in March due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Takeout is available from the Village location at 122 1st Avenue by calling 212-353-8880 or by ordering on Ritual or ChowNow, and from the Midtown location at 41 W. 46th Street by calling 917-261-7520 or by ordering on Ritual or ChowNow. Delivery is available through all the major players.

MáLà Project

41 West 46th Street, Manhattan, NY 10036 (917) 261-7520 Visit Website