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Measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 has completely transformed the way New Yorkers eat: Restaurants and bars are closed to dine-in customers. Cocktails and bottles of wine can now be delivered. And grocery stores are busier — even as people are more nervous about going to them due to uncertainties around the novel coronavirus.

But people must still eat, and for restaurant lovers, supporting favorite businesses that make up the fabric of the city’s neighborhoods feels more critical than ever. This is Eater NY’s guide on various ways to eat in the temporarily transformed dining scene — whether it’s tips on how to buy groceries for delivery, info on some notable restaurants still offering delivery, or details on where to snag a stand-out bottle of wine that previously only showed up in a cellar of an esteemed restaurant. And for those who can afford it, there are also lists on where to donate cash to help people with fewer resources.

Have specific questions? Email And come back to this space later, as we’ll keep adding more as the city battles the pandemic.