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A sign painted on the entire side of the building reads John’s Deli.

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10 Great Sandwiches Still Available in NYC

An oozing meatball parm hero, a simple BLT, and other stand-outs culled from critic Robert Sietsema’s sandwich column

Inaugurated in 1968, the “Hero King” and his roast beef sandwich still reign.

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Over the last 15 months, my Sandwich of the Week column has showcased 60 or so scrumptious assemblages of bread and fillings. Drooling over them recently, I wondered how many were still available, via pick-up or delivery. So I started making phone calls and visiting websites, and some places were closed up tighter than a drum, with no one answering the phone or updating the website, casualties of the current pandemic.

Still, I found some inspiring stories. Owner Vincenzo of Bay Ridge’s Amuni, where I ate a spectacular chickpea fritter and ricotta sandwich called a panelle special, told me he wasn’t doing any individual orders because he’s feeding the staff at Woodhull Hospital 200 meals per day. And many of the other sandwich spots were still open and providing nourishment for the general public, promising to remain opened for the foreseeable future.

Here are 10 great sandwiches that are still available.

Johnny roast beef at Original John’s Deli: One of Brooklyn’s best kept secrets is an iconic sandwich once eaten by beach-goers in maritime parts of the borough, but now relatively rare. That sandwich features roast beef, brown gravy, and fresh mozzarella on a hero roll. And there’s no better version still extant than John’s, located in Gravesend on the way to Coney Island and available in 9 inch and 16 inch sizes. Call (718) 372-7481 for pickup, or get delivery via Postmates. 2033 Stillwell Ave, at 86th Street, Gravesend

A pair of hands with black fingernails holds half of the hero sandwich described in the article.

Griot sandwich at Grandchamps: This splendid Haitian restaurant offers a modern take on the cuisine, by offering the citrusy pork confit called griot as a sandwich on a crusty roll, with the relish called pikliz as dressing. A red sauce on the side is provided as further lubrication. The restaurant also sells a small selection of Haitian groceries, which can be picked up or delivered at the same time. Menu here. Delivery via Caviar, DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats 197 Patchen Avenue, at Halsey Street, Stuyvesant Heights

A sandwich on a French roll filled with chunks are pork, with gravy in a small cup on the side.

Cuban sandwich at Floridita: Who doesn’t love a Cuban sandwich? This cheese-oozing pressed sandwich — almost identical to a medianoche, though supposedly invented in Tampa by cigar rollers rather than Havana — features pork roast, deli ham, and Swiss cheese, with pickles and, in this case, mojito garlic sauce on a pressed Cuban baguette. What a delightful combination of flavors! Floridita offers medium and large sizes of the sandwich. Call (212) 928-0653 for pickup or local delivery, or try,, or 4162 Broadway, between 176th and 177th streets, Washington Heights

Floridita’s Cubano gets divided into three, shown here is a skewed stack and brown on the outside.

Broccoil rabe hero at Leo’s Casa Calamari: Even those who might pale at the sight of a vegan hero will applaud this sandwich at Bay Ridge’s classic Casa Calamari, which also peddles Sicilian and Greek specialties, as well as pizza. The wad of green vegetable is sauteed in plenty of garlic and olive oil. Every bite is a delight, and I’m not kidding. Pick it up at the Bay Ridge restaurant (call ahead 718-921-1900) and specify exactly what you want, or arrange to have it delivered via Slice or one of the delivery services. 8602 Third Ave., at 86th Street, Bay Ridge

Broccoli rabe hero at Leo’s Casa Calamaria, bright green filling in a baguette.

BLT at Jackson Hole: Yes, today’s bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches are often overblown, with thick slabs of double smoked bacon, weird bread sloughing seeds, and greens that run to arugula and Boston lettuce rather than the traditional iceberg. Old-time streamlined diner Jackson Hole, founded in 1972 not far from LaGuardia Airport, does a BLT that doesn’t require contemplation for enjoyment. It’s just small slices of toasted white bread, a pile of supermarket bacon cooked crisp, and some juicy tomato, slathered with plenty of mayo. Postmates or Grubhub 69-35 Astoria Blvd, between Hazen and 71st streets, East Elmhurst

A hand holds half a sandwich, directed at the viewer.

Porchetta sandwich at Eataly: Aside from a squirt of olive oil and sprinkle of sea salt, Eataly’s porchetta sandwich from its Rosticceria is nothing more than thick sliced roast pork stuffed with aromatics and covered with crunchy skin. It will transport you back to a sunny Italian hillside, where a truck is park that once a week to sell these luscious sandwiches. Order for delivery via Uber Eats. 200 Fifth Avenue, at 23rd Street, Flatiron

A sandwich on a roll cut in half to show the interior is filled with pork and herbs...

Beef on weck at Soho Diner: This juicy and beefy sandwich constitutes a real taste of Buffalo, where it originated. At Soho Diner, it is properly made on a kimmelweck roll (“weck” for short), which has salt crystals and caraway seeds topside. The roast beef, cooked to a perfect medium for this sandwich, is awash in broth and white horseradish sauce, as good a rendition as this city has yet seen.,, 320 W. Broadway, between Canal and Grand streets, Soho

A beef sandwich on a round roll with white sauce coursing down the sides.

Labneh sandwich at Sakib: Take some tart homemade yogurt, then super-concentrate it by pouring through cheesecloth, and the result is labneh, which can be treated as an appetizer or a sandwich. At six-month-old Sakib, the labneh is rolled into a thin pita with lettuce, cucumbers, and fresh mint leaves. It makes one of the most refreshing sandwiches on earth. Phone (917) 909-0677 for pickup, or get delivery via,,, or 349 Bedford Ave, at South 4th Street, Williamsburg

Yogurt and greenery rolled into a pita and cut in two showing the sandwich in cross section.

Irish breakfast sandwich at Butcher Block: An Irish breakfast is a set meal of eggs, black and white sausages, loin bacon, and other ingredients plated with a grilled tomato and served with toast. At this wonderful Sunnyside grocery and butcher shop, the meal has been translated into a sandwich so thick that it almost must be deconstructed, and it’s a perfect meal any time of the day. Call for pickup or delivery in the immediate neighborhood (718-784-1078) or try Postmates. 43-46 41st St., between Queens Boulevard and 43rd Avenue, Sunnyside

A hand holds half the sandwich, so all the components inside can be seen in their distinct layers, with blood sausage predominating.

Meatball parm hero at Faicco’s: Faicco’s is one of Manhattan’s few remaining salumerias, offering cured meats, cheeses, antipasti, and Italian groceries, but one of its most popular products is hot and cold Italian heroes, constructed on huge long rolls, seeded or not. My favorite is the sainted meatball parm hero, oozing with cheese and bursting with savory ground meat orbs. It’s a sandwich big enough for anyone, and probably big enough for two. Call the store (212-243-1974) for pickup, or delivery via Caviar. [Note, Faicco’s is closed this week to reconfigure itself, but will reopen Tuesday, April 20.] 260 Bleecker St., between Leroy and Morton streets, Greenwich Village

A meatball hero with red tomato sauce and white mozzarella is cut through the middle to reveal the interior.

Soho Diner

320 West Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 965-3011 Visit Website

Leo's Casa Calamari

8602 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 921-1900 Visit Website

Eataly NYC Flatiron

200 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10010 (212) 229-2560 Visit Website


260 Bleecker Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 243-1974


349 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (917) 909-0677


4162 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10033 (212) 928-0653 Visit Website

The Original John's Deli

2033 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223 +1 718-372-7481 Visit Website

Butcher Block

15 Booth Drive, , NY 12901 (518) 563-0920 Visit Website


197 Patchen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233 (718) 484-4880 Visit Website

Jackson Hole LaGuardia

69-35 Astoria Boulevard, Queens, NY 11370