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Damn, Look at Astor Wine & Spirits During NYC’s Isolation-Fueled Booze Rush

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The popular Manhattan liquor and wine store says that delivery times may be later than usual

Much like Eater’s staff right now, popular Manhattan catch-all liquor store Astor Wine & Spirits looks like it rolled out of bed late to a Zoom call but is making things work anyway.

A photo posted the store’s Twitter account this afternoon shows just how slammed with business it’s been since the start of the shutdown. Liquor sales city-wide appear to be on the rise, and Astor Wine & Spirits has been especially slammed. A week ago, owner Rob Fischer told NY1 that the store was busier now than it had ever been in the 50 years since its opening.

The photo shows invoices adrift in the wind, wine box mountains, and what appears to be a sea of shopping carts filled with liquor bottles. “Delivery time estimates may be later than typical... because this is the inside of the store right now!” the tweet reads.

To the untrained eye, it might seem like there’s not much method to the madness here, but the store has been closed to walk-in customers for more than a week now — meaning the space is essentially being used as a warehouse for deliveries. An employees says a limited number of staffers are still working to process those orders.

Lesson being: If you’re ordering a big box from the store’s incredible whiskey, amaro, and natural wine selection, just expect a longer wait time than usual.

Astor Wines & Spirits

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