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Chipotle Still Disregards Sick Leave Laws Despite New Coronavirus Urgency, NYC Staffers Claim

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It has new urgency with the novel coronavirus cases — plus more intel

Chipotle To Close Restaurants For Few Hours For Food Safety Meeting
A Chipotle in Manhattan
Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

NYC Chipotle worker alleges the chain punished him for calling in sick

As the number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases across the country and NYC shoot up and officials encourage work-from-home situations, many people are pointing out that service workers often don’t have the luxury of calling in sick. On Friday, at least one Chipotle employee walked out of his job — alleging that the company wrote him up for calling out sick even though he showed flu-like symptoms. He told Gothamist that he felt sick before the start of his 7 a.m. shift but couldn’t abide by the two-hour warning for his absence because nobody showed up at the Midtown location until 6 a.m.

The company offers three paid sick days immediately upon employment, a Chipotle representative told Gothamist, and wants its staff to stay at home if they’re feeling ill. But staffers who protested on Friday allege that Chipotle still isn’t abiding by the law. Just last month, city officials found that the Mexican fast-casual chain illegally fired a staffer for using sick leave. As part of a settlement, Chipotle had to pay her the wages that they withheld during her leave and an additional $2,500 in restitution fees.

In other news

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