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New York Restaurants Have Lost At Least $2 Billion In Sales Due to COVID-19, Survey Says

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Plus, Dan Barber’s restaurants are open for pick-up — and more intel

Inside an empty restaurant with upturned chairs placed on tables
New York restaurants have lost nearly $2 billion in revenue due to COVID-19
Gary He/Eater

A national survey found that New York state restaurants had to lay off more than 250,000 people and lost nearly $2 billion in revenue in the first 22 days of March, according to the National Restaurant Association, which was first reported on by the Democrat and Chronicle. The survey looked at 4,500 nationwide; it’s not clear how many of those were in New York, but the report does note that restaurants in the state saw a 58 percent drop in sales compared to the same time last year. NYC alone employs more than 350,000 people in the hospitality industry.

The survey looked at the impact on the dining industry between March 1, when news of COVID-19’s spread in the U.S. took hold, and March 22, by which time Gov. Andrew Cuomo had issued a shutdown order on dining-in at restaurants in the state. “While our industry nationwide is deeply impacted, New York State restaurants are among the hardest hit,” says Melissa Fleischut, the president of the New York State Restaurant Association, in a statement.

The national report follows one released by the NYC Hospitality Alliance last week which surveyed nearly 2,000 restaurants in the city and found that nearly 70,000 people had lost their jobs. The National Restaurant Association survey also predicts that 11 percent of the restaurants surveyed will close permanently in the next 30 days.

In other news

— Chef Dan Barber, of the Michelin-starred Blue Hill at Stone Barns, has launched a new food pick-up service at his Tarrytown restaurant as well as the Blue Hill in NYC.

— Chinese fast-casual restaurant Junzi Kitchen is moving its dinner series online, with chef Lucas Sin offering plating instructions to participants. Diners can order meals online ahead of the event.

— Greenpoint movie theater Stuart Cinema and Cafe is offering popcorn and other snacks for pick-up for those looking to enjoy a movie theater experience at home.

— A new restaurant relief effort is focused on selling t-shirts and tote bags from more than a dozen restaurants and bars in the city, including Angel’s Share, Court Street Grocers, and Chinese Tuxedo.

— Following news that NYC’s food pantries were facing a shortage, the New York City Council is working to get funding to help them out.

— Artist Katherine McMahon is making portraits in exchange of donations for displaced restaurant workers in the city.

— 17-year-old East Village bar B-side has closed for good, as has Lower East Side spot GrandLo Cafe.

— Crown Heights restaurant the Bergen is offering free meals to those in need during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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