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Some New Yorkers Are Flouting Social Distancing Rules For Potlucks, Speakeasies

Plus, Trader Joe’s Soho location has reopened — and more intel

A hand can be seen twisting an orange peel over an orange drink placed on a counter
A tiny group of New Yorkers are flouting rules by going out to eat and drink
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A tiny group of New Yorkers are reportedly flouting restrictions to gather

While most New Yorkers are staying home amid the restrictions on public life due to the novel coronavirus crisis, a few are intent on flouting social distancing guidelines saying their “civil liberties” are being taken away by forcing them to stay at home. One of them is Lucian Wintrich, a former White House correspondent for the far-right publication the Gateway Pundit, who held a potluck at his apartment earlier this month, according to the New York Post.

The idea for the party is reportedly modeled on chicken pox parties from the ’90s where parents tried to expose their kids to the infection early on so they wouldn’t contract it later in life. It was mostly attended by a group of 20-somethings, and Wintrich added a note of caution to the Post saying that “wouldn’t hang around folks over the age of 50 and risk infecting the more vulnerable.”

Others like Knut M. Wittkowski, former epidemiologist at Rockfeller University are going to secret restaurants with only a handful of other people in attendance — though some like a secret bar operating in Brooklyn have been busted by the NYPD. Wittkowski said he believes that social distancing will only prolong the virus. While they may be openly flouting restrictions, they constitute a tiny minority of people doing so — the NYPD has highlighted in recent press conferences that most New Yorkers are staying home. Though some have criticized social distancing, even several economists argue that the public safety should be the top priority right now by minimizing contact with others, regardless of age.

In other news

— Friends and colleagues of pioneering chef Floyd Cardoz, who died last week from complications related to COVID-19, have put together a GoFundMe page to support his family.

Shake Shack’s West Village outpost is now offering a steak frites combo for $24.99 that consists of a 10 oz. Pat LaFrieda ribeye steak, crinkle-cut fries, watercress greens, along with horseradish sauce and the Shacksauce.

— West Village sushi spot Nami Nori, Black Seed Bagels, and East Village’s Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe are all among the businesses that have now closed for the duration of the ongoing coronavirus crisis after initially attempting delivery and takeout.

— Lower East Side Italian restaurant Sauce has donated more than 2,000 pizzas to the city’s hospitals so far.

— Trader Joe’s Soho location has reopened after closing for a deep clean last week following an employee testing positive for COVID-19. The store is also opening earlier — from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. — for people over 60.

Christina Tosi of Milk Bar fame is hosting baking tutorials on Instagram.

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